Back in the time, majority of you was not aware of the importance of social media. Even Mark Zuckerberg would never have thought that Facebook, his social media site, would transform into one of the most active platforms since he created it in February 2004. Another great example is Booty Bingo site, which provides online slots for gamers to play and have fun. If it wasn’t for social media, this online casino wouldn’t have become one of the best. It can be said that social media has brought us closer together in recent years.

However, many people complain about how social media made us concerned and worried with the virtual world rather than the natural world.

But it can be said that social media has both, pushed us further apart and at the same time, brought us together. Without it, it wouldn’t have been easy to communicate and make things run smoothly. Skype is one of the biggest examples, which brings people closer when they can hardly see each other physically. Sending someone messages via Facebook or other platform enable us to be in contact with anyone in the world, at any time. Social media has nowadays become our greatest hindrance and our greatest ally.

In businesses, people nowadays use social media to make and create good relationships with their clients and business partners. According to a survey, in most cases, people meet online to build successful companies from the ideas that originated in online chats and Facebook groups. They have all met through social media, to build and run thriving companies together.

The examples are endless, be it academics, sports, music, business, whatever … it is clear that social media is more than just a technology. It is a cultural phenomenon that has enabled people for deeper communication and greater connection. It is not only on the internet, but as well as in the offline societal community.

Nevertheless, it does have some negative impacts on people. In this generation especially, you always see groups of friends hanging out together. And each of them is caught up with their digital devices, which they regularly want to check their news feed, Instagram or even tweeter. So, this could prove to be a negative aspect, thus making such relations between friends undervalued.

Also, many social media websites have come under an enquiry quite recently. That’s because of the threat and terror, that is menacing large worldwide. Some examples are: Threatening people through social media platform, hacking the accounts of many organisations, and the fake creation of Facebook and Twitter accounts.

In general, social media can be both good and bad. But in recent years, this has become a magnificent tool to communicate and bring people closer all around the world. As mentioned above, many companies are also making the most out of social media to gain success. There are countless of social networking sites as well, which have a unique characteristic and aim. At the end of the day, you should only make the right use of such an amazing tool.