A comprehensive medical exam is a key part of the life insurance application process. Insurers ask for medicals to verify the information that applicants provide, detect medical conditions applicants may be unaware of, and get a more complete picture of their applicants’ health. If you’ve never taken a medical exam for life insurance, you may be confused about the process. Put your knowledge to the test with the “Life Insurance: What to Expect From the Medical Exam” quiz from Health IQ.

Do you know what to do before your medical exam to get the best results? What about who performs the test and what health metrics this professional collects? Do you know what insurance companies do with your results and who else can see them? Health IQ’s eight-question quiz tests your knowledge of these topics and more. Additional information after each question helps deepen your understanding of the medical exam procedure, whether you answer correctly or incorrectly. Completing the quiz gives you Elite status, which unlocks a range of benefits including special life insurance rates from Health IQ.

All too often, life insurance companies use the results of medical exams to refuse or limit coverage or collect higher premiums. Health IQ believes in doing things differently. It focuses on the positives, not the negatives, and rewards health-conscious applicants with lower life insurance rates. Discover more about the unique mortality model and how it could help you save when you visit the Health IQ website. Read through the in-depth FAQ section to learn more about Health IQ’s special rates.