Three innovations that have completely transformed sports betting

by | Apr 11, 2018 | Sports Featured

The way people place bets on sports has changed dramatically over the past one decade. You no longer need to travel down to some lifeless shop where you’d be handed a confusing slip, which you’d often fill-up wrong. The present day mobile age has not only made betting extremely easy, online bookmakers have come up with numerous exciting ways to make the online betting experience even more rewarding for the punters.

A detailed look at a portal like Sbat would give you a fair idea of what we are talking about here. There are several good reasons why online bookies are investing in their energies more into mobile betting, and punters are also rewarding them for the same by regular use of the product. There are three particular areas which have greatly impressed everyone and have transformed the sports betting industry for good. Let’s briefly take you over them below:

In-play or live betting

In the days prior to online betting, people were forced to place their bets well-ahead of the concerned event. All that one could depend upon was his/her intuition. How many times does it happen that you’re 10 minutes into a game and realise having made a terrible mistake, but it’s too late to make amends. Or perhaps you observe something that would potentially change the look of the game, but have no means to make this new information count.

In-play or live betting ensures that you can bet on sports events as they happen, giving you more choices and increasing the chances of scoring wins. So for instance, you don’t necessarily need to bet on the Russia vs Saudi Arabia FIFA World Cup match in advance, you could actually wait till June 14th and bet as the match happens!

Free bets

In the earlier days of betting, when there were no mobile betting apps, punters had to travel down to betting shops and betting companies would never provide any discounts/bonuses or try getting people to sign up with them. They had a sort of a monopoly. Although you could go someplace else, it would normally involve a long journey which no one wanted. Nowadays, considering the fact you can bet on so many different websites with just the click of a mouse button, all online bookmakers are working extra hard to keep you betting with them. This has resulted in them providing all kinds of free bets to new an old signups.

Bookmakers need to somehow draw in more number of people, and free bets allow them to drive more people to their platforms. Such offers have also made gambling a less risky affair for newbies.

Cashing out

A fairly recent phenomenon, the cash out facility is nothing short of revolutionary! What it means is that if you had bet on Joseph Parker to beat Anthony Joshua in their heavyweight fight on March 31, but figured by the second round that things weren’t panning out as you had expected, you could have actually withdrawn some of your bet amount and run away!

In case of long-term bets, meant to last a season or a tournament, you can withdraw your money earlier and make sure that you have something to spend.

Cash out is an innovation that’s all about control; it’s a sort of a new-age punting weapon that can help you get the better of the bookies!

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