Amongst the many household malfunctions that we have to deal with, blocked drains in Sydney is one of those that require urgent attention. A pipe that’s obstructed by gunk or something else can be a real nuisance to deal with many people will end up calling a plumber for blocked drains in Sydney.

Attempting to fix the problem yourself might sound like a good idea, but if done improperly you run the risk of accidently making the problem worse and flooding your home. If you’re not quite ready to swallow your pride and call someone like the plumber in Sydney, you might try some of the following methods to remedy your blocked drains in Sydney.

Flush the pipe with boiling water

One of the quickest and easiest fixes for blocked drains in Sydney is to simply flush it with a stream of boiling water from your kettle. While this method is not going to unclog large physical chunks or blockages from grease, it can easily get rid of a small blockage without much effort.

Be careful only to use this method on metal blocked drains in Sydney. If you do it with a PVC pipe the boiling water will soften and maybe even melt the joints in these pipes.

Use a plunger

There aren’t many solutions as old fashioned and practical as the plunger. When you’re dealing with blocked drains in Sydney many people will reach for the seldom thought of plunger to unclog their pipage.

In case you didn’t know, the plunger forces air though the problem pipe in order to unclog it. Before you start plunging away, make sure to cover up the overflow with a cloth to make sure the pipe is sealed. You can then begin plunging the air through the pipe obstruction.

If your kitchen has a double sink make sure that the other sinkhole is covered so that you maintain a useable air pressure. Try this method a few times before giving up as many people report that it is surprisingly effective.

Use a pipe cleaner

Pipe cleaner tools typically work by letting you reach into the pipe in order to push through or pull out the blockage. This can be particularly useful if you are confident that the pipe is being blocked with hair.

You can pick up one of these tools at any normal hardware store or even make your own. Unwound wire coat hangers are a great example of a tool that you can improvise as a pipe cleaner.

This method is typically only useful for small problems related to a hair clog or loose bit of soap for example. Deep clogs resulting from grease or other gunk won’t be as easily dealt with.

Be careful not to damage the pipe while clearing your blocked drains in Sydney. If you’re unsure of how to do it correctly you should consider hiring a professional plumber for the job.

Use a chemical cleaner

While this method can be effective in many cases, most plumbers will tell you only to use chemical drain cleaners as a last resort. You can actually cause more harm than good by using this method for your blocked drains in Sydney.

Not only are these chemicals bad for your pipes, but they are often used in place of physical removal methods that would be just as effective if given a second chance. If the chemical cleaner doesn’t work then you’ll end up with blocked drains in Sydney that are full of chemical products as well.


If you can’t unclog your blocked drains in Sydney yourself then it’s definitely time to call a plumber. The problem may be the result of a clog that’s deeper in the pipe and unreachable using these common household methods.