The Chief Executive Officer of Oppenheimer Max Lami on the Prevailing Bull Market

by | May 24, 2018 | Financial Featured

Prices are increasingly inflated in the current Equity and Investment market, according to the CEO of Oppenheimer, Max Lami. Investors are currently set to drive the last phase of the bull market. The bull market is also known as a financial market where share prices are rising or are expected to rise, encouraging buying.

Market Overview

All types of investments are associated with huge risks, due to the fact that the investment industry is constantly changing and is sometimes unpredictable.  As a result, it is uncertain how long this trend will continue, or whether there are factors in the foreseeable future that could affect the impact.

The difficulty is that it is close to impossible try to measure or determine when the bottom and the peak period will occur.  Investors are looking to take advantage of the bottom phase when prices are rising and then sell the stocks when they reach the peak phase.

Recently, Oppenheimer announced the appointment of Ramon De Paz who is an industry expert in the investment and global technology sector, to help predict revenue and growth earning opportunities in the European markets.

Current Predictions

Oppenheimer had predicted the current market to continue booming for another year at least, with huge potentials for growth; as long as external factors do not change.  However, this is merely a forecast. The ability to predict the future external changes in the market offers investors the insight needed to make wise investment decisions. Although no one can precisely predict the ups and downs of the markets with any degree of accuracy, interestingly, most experienced investors get their predictions right more often than not.

In an article recently, Max Lami said, “In our opinion, the sustainable economic expansion is currently in progress along with continued revenue and earnings, growth is likely to keep investors’ interest in stocks. Bull markets do not come with an expiry date stamped on them”. In the US market for example, growth stocks are predicted to grow profoundly, encouraging investors to invest in short and long-term stocks, but not intermediate stocks.

Future Predictions

Although in the bull market, any type of loss should be minor and temporary, investors often invest in more stocks with the confidence of making a return on their investment. In conclusion, there is no exact way in predicting market trends, and investors are advised to invest based on the quality of the investments, or from historical perspectives.

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