Sales and marketing is a growing field with almost all kinds of businesses demanding salespersons. This is why a large number of people are now opting for this profession.

Salespersons do not only enjoy great perks but also earn a hefty paycheck with sales engineers making about $98,000 per year. However not everyone is able to find the success that they expect.

This is due to different reasons, most importantly because many don’t know how exactly to be a good sales person. If you’re struggling in sales, then check these simple but effective tips on how to be a better salesperson.


  • Create a Sales Process


You should work on your own sales process based on previous experience. See what worked the first time, and check if you can repeat the same success by repeating the process.

For example, if you found that clients respond faster over emails than over text messages then use more of emails for faster response time.

This can help you streamline work and achieve your goals. However, do not make the mistake of only sticking to one process. You should update it with time and see if changes can bring positive results.


  • Find New Clients But Do Not Lose Your Old Ones


A business has to do both, retain old clients and find new clients. Many businesses concentrate too much on winning new clients and often end up losing old clients. This is a big mistake as client retention is as important as client acquisition. In fact, the cost of acquisition is five times the cost of retention.

However, retaining old clients is not always the job of the sales team. They are typically paid to find new clients and not to retain old clients, which is why many salespersons do not pay attention to this factor.

But do you know that your old clients can actually help you win new customers? That’s right. They can refer their friends and family to you and help you meet your sales goals.

Plus, you can always get in touch with your old customers to ask if they’d be interested in buying more of your products.


  • Know The Product


Make sure to know all about your products so that you can answer all kind of customer questions. Nobody likes a salesperson who is not fully informed of the product he or she is out to sell.

The best option is to use the product first and research about it as much as possible. If you have questions about its use then make sure to inquire about it and be fully informed.

Think from the perspective of a buyer and have answers ready for all the questions a buyer might have.


  • Build Relationships


Your first buyer is typically always going to be a friend or a family member. This shows just how important it is to make relationships.

Of course, you should not make relationships to exploit them, but you should always remember the importance of being social.

This is a field where knowing a large number of people can be of help as the more people you know, the more sales you can make.

Moreover, when we say build relationships, we do not only mean to build relationships with people around you, but also with your customers.

Be nice to them and make them feel comfortable so that they remember you when they have to make a similar purchase in the future.

This can be done by following up and being welcoming. However, make sure not to be too clingy as that can backfire.

The key lies in having faith in your product and being able to reach the maximum number of people in an effective manner.