Vaping has a long history. Its history can be traced back to the ancient times. Over the time, the vaping has become popular; vape is the most sought-after product by millions of its users globally. With the vaping technology constantly evolving, it’s really difficult to predict the direction in which the vaping technology will take, but the truth is, we expect tremendous changes in the future. No doubt, exciting future awaits vapers indeed!

Here we look at the five latest advancements in vaping technology in 2018.


All along, batteries have powered vapes. Today, vapes have better batteries installed. The devices with built-in batteries have the capacity to power the coils for a longer period on a single charge depending on the voltage used. The batteries also have higher wattage meaning large capacity and fast charging provides vape users a quality experience.

Variable voltage and wattage allow the vapers to regulate the power usage of the device depending on the coil resistance. Higher wattage allows a hotter vape thus increasing e-liquid consumption and vapor production. Concisely, this additional technology offers the vape users a high level of control to find the precise vaping experience.

2. Sub-Ohm Tanks

The top vape brands have introduced Sub-Ohm tanks; it forms part of their product line-ups. In the past, the creation of sub-Ohm coil required dedicated manual work. A user had to choose either the right nickel wire for use and make their own coil; however, the same can be achieved by the use of modern tanks.

A good example of sub-Ohm is SMOK TFV8. Its new coil design allows the V8 to preserve its resistance as low as 0.15 ohms. This means it utilizes about 50-260w of power to turn to vapor the e-cig acid. These tanks are really powerful and will still get better over time.

Wait! The tank improvement doesn’t stop at power efficiency level only. For vape lovers, we have pure organic cotton, which offers the best flavors from e-cig liquids. The developed airflow systems also allow for drag adjustments. You can modify the drag level to your taste. If you like a heavier drag, you simply adjust the airflow controller. A further modification is on the size of the tanks. It can hold more e-liquid compared to previous devices.

3. Mod Kits

This technological improvement resulted in the production of smaller devices. Today, mod kits are portable and efficient. Smaller mods enable users to carry their vape without having to use a case or bag. This efficiency is what has attracted more users to the world of vaping this past year.

Additionally, recent mod kits offer more unique features. They offer more than 75W of power. With the coils and right tanks, powerful mod kits produce thicker vapor with a rounded and full taste from the e-cig liquid.

The efficiency of Mod kits has also increased. It offers customization options allowing users to achieve the ultimate heat for vaporizing with little use of power. Combined with OLED and LCD screens, there is improved circuitry and more advancement. In the present day, rest assured that you could find the best vape mod in the market. Surely, we are staring at an exciting future in the vaping world.

4. More Flavors

E-cigarette liquids are improvised too. The industries manufacturing e-cig liquid have discovered means of producing accurate flavors, which really uplift the vaping experience to another level. Today, you will get a liquid for every taste. Generally, the whole experience of vaping is influenced by the flavors chosen and the liquid used. If you have better flavors, the experience is more enjoyable.

Furthermore, you can customize the throat hit to your perfection. As said, you will always get liquid for any taste you love. Since the producers keep on getting better and creative, you will find the taste of flavored mixtures good when vaped. Looking at the new line of menthol-flavored liquid, it’s so much better than the last gen-liquid. The mint and coolness are just awesome! You experience the fresh hit once you take a drag over the atomizer.

5. Mod Screens

This modification is a big move towards smarter devices, which keeps the vapers informed about their devices. It provides critical information such as ohmmeter, puff counter, battery life, and temperature setting. The vapers can set a distinct temperature for a consistent vape hence allowing users to control the intensity of the flavor and prevents dry hits by adjusting the power output to keep the coil at a steady temperature.

As seen, vaping technology will keep on evolving. Vaping is also growing in popularity over time. In the near future, we expect further developments emerging in the industry. The vapers will be having even more powerful devices generating a fantastic vaping experience. The vaping experience will also be personalized. It’s just a matter of time!