Nowadays, having beautiful long and shiny hair is as easy as one, two and three, thanks to hair extensions. These can expertly change your look from super short to super long, or add a few inches on your natural hair, or add more volume for healthier-looking locks. It is an excellent way to change up your hairstyle, experiment on looks and even try out a new hair color.

With all the decisions you have to make when choosing a hair extension bond, the most difficult one would be to decide whether you’ll go for synthetic or human hair extensions. If you ask the experts, you’ll receive a unanimous answer. Human hair is a smarter choice and the best hair extensions compared ith synthetic ones.

There are many reasons why human hair extensions are the best choice.

Longer lasting

Human hair extensions can be washed, moisturized and conditioned as you would with your real hair.  With proper care and management, They can last for up to a year, and longer. Synthetic hair is prone to heat and sun damage. Most synthetic hair extensions won’t last that long, and if they do, you can place your bet that they are no longer in excellent condition.

Premium quality

Whether it’s a clip in or tape in hair extensions, the human hair is the finest material to use. Human Hair extensions, especially Remy Human Hair Extension bonds are made only with the premier quality. But of course, since you are looking for the best extensions that are of high-quality, the price you’re going to pay is higher than its synthetic counterpart.

Flexibility in styling

Synthetic hair extensions are hard to manage, color and style. You are bound to a limited number of things since fake hair won’t allow you to do as you please. Human hair, on the other hand, will enable you to wash, dry, color and style as much as you like. You can straighten it, play with dyes, iron it and do it all over again. Who wouldn’t want to have the capability to style your hair as you please – something synthetic hair cannot give you the freedom to do so.

They can take the heat

Human hair extension bonds can take the temperature of curling, straightening and blow drying hair. They are not as prone to heat damage as synthetic hair extensions are. As long as you use heat protective products every time you use tools that use heat to style your hair, and you take great care of your real human locks, then you should be fine.

Blends and matches your hair color

Since you are using real human hair, it can easily blend with your real hair. You can dye it with the same coloring you have your hair is now, and it would be hard for anyone to notice you’re using hair extensions. As for synthetic hair extensions, they tend to be shinier than real hair and coloring them to match the current colour of your locks can be stressful. One can quickly tell if you are wearing synthetic hair.

The best hair extensions are those that can make you look great and feel great without breaking the bank. Human hair extensions may seem a little pricey, but quality comes with a price. You’re paying for longer lasting locks of real hair that you can care and style as your real hair, not a cheap and synthetic hair that can’t even match and blend with your real ones. The verdict? Human hair extensions are a smarter investment, making it the best hair extensions.