A Need To Install Parenting Control App

by | Jul 6, 2018 | Health Featured

Online Internet pastime is increasingly popular with kids and teenagers. They spend hours surfing online, texting with friends, watching videos or playing games. The Internet is a perfect place for developing and opening new horizons, however, it also has lots of dangers parents try to keep their children away from. But is it possible for parents to find out what websites their kid visits, and protect their son or daughter from a negative Internet impact?

Now parents are able to easily control their kid’s Internet life and even block websites containing dangerous content, by installing parental controls iphone app, which will help them safeguard their daughter or son at any time of the day and night. Downloading parental control app, you become able to make your child’s life safer.

Online Safety Of Your Child

First of all, teach your kid how to behave online. Tell children to always keep privacy and how to do it the right way in order to feel safe while surfing online. Here are a few simple rules your daughter or son needs to follow:

  • don’t put the second name when creating a certain account, only the first one or a nickname;
  • don’t put the phone number, home or school address online;
  • never contact strangers, text them back or send photos to unknown users;
  • never agree to meet with adults or any other stranger in real life.

Teach children to uncover and trust their intuition. Listen to your child and let your daughter or son tell you anything that makes her/him uncomfortable online. You can also help your child create an username for one or another social network as well as it’s required to tell your kid there are numerous people who sail under false colors and it’s forbidden to ever meet with them in real life or even answer their messages.

The Essential Parental App

Now you are able to easily safeguard your kid online and make his/her life safer installing Kidslox Android app which will help you:

  • find out what your child is doing at the moment;
  • monitor your son or daughter’s chats, calls, and social networks;
  • block gambling and pornography sites, as well as block websites containing violence;
  • limit your child’s screen time by scheduling it;
  • block Internet access.

Downloading given app you may block websites having dangerous or violent content, as well as block pornography and gambling sites. You can also read text messages, monitor calls, and protect your kid from any harmful information.

Installing Kidslox iOs app on your Apple or Android device, you become able to easily find out when your child is going online, what he or she is doing, what kind of websites your son or daughter visits, and who he/she is texting to. You will also get screenshots and daily reports on your kid’s Internet activity, as well as will be able to monitor as many devices as you need to.

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