Xbox Games Which You Should Be Spending Your Hard Earned Money On This Year

by | Aug 9, 2018 | Entertainment Feature

As a gamer I’m sure you will understand the need to buy a brand new game once you manage to get your hands on a little spare cash. Just last week I was in this boat after a nice little win at the online casino Novibet, and decided that my winnings simply had to go on a new Xbox game. I regularly play demos and trials to see which my next new game will be, so after much consideration I decided to purchase Far Cry 5, an absolute legend of a game which I will go into more detail about in a moment. I have bought quite a few games so far in 2018, and these are the ones which I recommend that you buy, should you come into some money.

Far Cry 5

As mentioned, this was the game that I ended up purchasing and I just love this series of games. The 5th installment of Far Cry most certainly does not disappoint and this first person shooter has taken things to a whole new level in its 5th offering. The doomsday cult narrative in Hope County is still very much alive yet this time you have better weapons, better stories and the graphics are simply stunning. I haven’t stopped playing this game since I bought it and I’m sure that you won’t either.


Celeste has the strange ability to appear like a traditional video game from the 80s, yet still blow your mind with modern twists and breathtaking visuals. I like this one more because it is about a girl, Madeline, who travels through a serious of challenges as she tries to reach the top of a mountain. The key to this game is simplicity, the story is simple, the gameplay is basic yet entertaining and each level just gets better than the last.

What Remains of Edith Finch?

I love a good mystery game and that is exactly what you get with this brilliant offering from Giant Sparrow. This is an intense first person drama which follows the character of Edith Finch, who goes back to her old family home where she recalls stories of family members who have passed away, the volume of which created the idea of a curse surrounding the family. The game takes you through all manner of levels, secret footpaths and various rooms, where you must work out how to get out, and ultimately free the curse.

Sonic Mania

It blows my mind that Sonic is still the video game powerhouse that it has always been, yet this little hedgehog just keeps giving us more and more. Sonic Mania was released last year but it is just one of those games that you cannot help going back to. The 2017 offering was as brilliant as everyone hoped that it would be, and it is a game which you most certainly need in your collection.

What are your favorite games of 2018? Let me know in the comments.

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