The 5 best multi-purpose pool tables you can get

by | Sep 20, 2018 | Entertainment Feature

Everyone has been a bit strapped for space at times when it comes to creating a games room. Maybe there’s an awkward room layout in general, or some other reason that means you have a lot less space to play around with than you would with a normal games room. It’s at this point that you need a multi purpose pool table so you can get the most out of your games room with the least space. We’ve listed some of the best multi-purpose pool tables such as pool dining tables and others that you can get for your games room or house in general if you don’t have the full space for a dedicated games room below.

Fusion Outdoor Pool Dining Table

First on the list is the Fusion Outdoor pool dining table, which is great for if you don’t have space indoors and still want a pool table. So if you’ve got a big enough garden, the Fusion Outdoor pool dining table can double up as a weather-proof pool table with a water-resistant cloth on it, or as an outdoors dining table if you spend a lot of time out in the garden. Designed to be as hardy and rugged as possible to survive all weather and any style of play, this certainly fits the bill of being a multi-purpose pool table and is a great choice if you don’t have enough room in your house for a games room.

Longoni Elegant White Pool Table

If you’re looking for a timeless design with a pool table for sale, the Longoni Elegant in white pool table is sure to fit that criteria. With a one piece slate bed, a classic look to go with the rest of your games room or wherever it might end up being placed, and great playing characteristics overall, this pool table is ideal for taking your game and games room or house in general to the next level whilst still retaining space for everything else to fit alongside it. Plus it’s extremely versatile as it also comes with a two piece dining top, allowing you to safely put drinks and food on it without risking spilling anything on the baize, which is always important when you’ve got friends over and the beers make an appearance.

Buffalo Eliminator II Black American Pool Table

And now at the opposite end of the colour spectrum from the Longoni, the Buffalo Eliminator II in black is a great pool table for sale that will make a great centrepiece for your games room or whichever room it’s placed in. With a sleek black finish and a professional design to ensure that you can achieve the next level in pool playing, this will be sure to make a fantastic addition. And like the Longoni, you can add a hard top to it to transform it into a desk or work surface if you need to, or even better yet, you can also add a table tennis top to make it even more versatile, making this one of the better multi-purpose pool tables available.

Signature Oxford Pool Dining Table

For a great pool dining table, the Signature Oxford pool dining table will make a solid addition to your games room or wherever you decide to put it in your home if you don’t have enough space for a full games room. With an amazing look to it when it’s in pool table mode, plus the versatility of being able to transform it into a great looking dining table, this will surely stand out in your house and help you save space at the same time so you can put additional goodies in, like an arcade machine or something else to fill the gap.

Revolver 3-in-1 Pool, Air Hockey and Table Tennis Table

And last on the list, if you’re really looking to get the most out of a limited space, then the Revolver 3-in-1 table is an amazing addition to your games room or home in general. With the ability to transform it into a pool table, an air hockey table, a table tennis table or even just a dining-style table, this is sure to become the centrepiece of your games room. Plus thanks to its space-saving abilities, you’re more able to get other things like an arcade machine or something similar in your games room now as well.

So there you have it, a great list of some of the best multi-purpose pool tables that you can find on the market today. We’ve covered some, but if you know of any others that fit the multi-purpose bill and aren’t listed above, why not let us know in the comments below? We’d love to hear of any others that we’ve missed out from the list!

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