Do you want to know about amazing facts of desert safari? Here are the lists of amazing things to know.

  1. Private Night safari & Star Grazing

Dubai offers you with wonderful nighttime in various forms. You can enjoy the spectacular views of the night sky embedded with several billion stars which provide stargazing feel like ever before. It is extremely easy to relinquish from the beauty of desert through night exploration by availing trained guide.

  1. 4×4 –Desert Safari

Dubai is considered as the beautiful city which grabs the attention of your senses and there are plenty of things to perform in Dubai. The Dubai trip will never be fulfilled by experiencing a desert safari. There are several experiences to take part in desert safari including camel ride, riding ATV by yourself, henna designs and many others.

  1. Mouth Watering BBQ Dinner In Desert Safari

Desert safari arrives with several combinations of distinct experiences and activities so you are sure to get good deals out of it. The barbeque dinner is highly famous option amongst the tourists. If you want to try something new in the evening session then you can prefer the barbeque dinner. Dinner seems to be an elaborate affair having Qahwa, shisha, Arabian dates & stunning barbecue dinner.

  1. Overnight Desert Safari

The overnight desert safari will help you to stay in the desert at nighttime by making camps. During nighttime, you are sure to view the stars present in the desert. The whole journey will tend to bring out the vibe which empowers the best of adventure.

  1. Dubai Camel Safari

The ancient means of discovering the vastness of the desert is by taking a ride on camelback. The wheel bashing is considered to be an exhilarating experience however the uniqueness of traveling on Camelback is peaceful and slow-paced.  

  1. Morning Desert Safari

There are various means to take part in Desert Safari Morning such as 4×4 desert safari, old-fashioned camel ride, and gliding in a hot air balloon.

  1. Hot air balloon activity

The hot air balloon will provide a distinguished view of the sunrise in the early morning. The professional pilot will tend to operate the balloon so you will feel extremely safe during this activity.

  1. Hummer desert safari

By taking part in an enthralling drive at the beckoning Dubai desert, you are sure to find gliding easily at a good clip. The action-packed adventure activity will be played for about 45 minutes. You can book for this ride in advance to enjoy it.

  1. Evening desert safari  

This desert safari offers a wonderful opportunity to view the sky burst in various shades of red and yellow among the huge expanse of unstructured dunes. By perching at the camelback, you are sure to indulge in the balmy evening breeze. Other than that, one can also take part in dune-bashing 4×4 drives to electrify their living cell.

  1. Sand Boarding & quad biking

Most of the tourists love desert safari due to quad biking and sand boarding. Both these activities are carried out by experienced operators. You can able to test your skills by taking part in these adventurous activities

  1. The Thrill Of Sand Dunes

By opting for red dune safari, you are ensured to avail the spell-bounding landscape view. This activity will pump with adrenaline and hence leave you mesmerized

  1. Camel Racing

It is considered to be the traditional sporting in UAE. Most of the people like to take part in this activity to have a fun filled trip.

  1. Henna painting

This is another amazing fact to know. You are sure to get marvelous henna designs by visiting this place.