With computing power becoming cheaper and cheaper, new services emerge all over the web. One of them is VPS hosting – Virtual Private Server hosting. Here you will find out how these services are different from other kinds of web hosting and what are the main advantages and disadvantages of web hosting.

Web hosting in a nutshell

So let’s lay the groundwork. Before we know what VPS hosting is, let’s figure out what web hosting is. Let’s say your favorite local business is a coffee shop. All of the cups, coffee machines, and staff make up the business itself. But separately, or without an accessible place, they’re not really a business. The place, where they are hosted is where the business is. Much in the same sense, web hosting is a service that “rents space” for your project or activity.

Normally web hosting providers will offer multiple kinds of services: shared hosting, VPS hosting, cloud hosting, etc. We’ll take one of our favorite VPS hosting providers – Hostinger, as the benchmark. You can check them out here: http://hostinger.com/hosting/vps

What is VPS hosting?

VPS hosting, or Virtual Private Server Hosting, much like any other kind, offers space on a dedicated server, managed by a company. The area that you pay for is on rent and for you to use as you will. Unlike all other kinds of hosting, VPS hosting closely resembles a dedicated server. Instead of having to share your resources with others, like you would have to with a shared hosting service, you will have your own resources. That means that every simple bit of bandwidth, space and processor power is exclusively for you.

While you’re at it, you will also receive something called “root access.” That gives you some major control options for your project. Not only will you be able to install an operating system of choice, but you’ll also be able to pick the distribution and make choices on how you distribute and run your resources.

That’s quite a lot of information, so let’s try and recap this with a little bit of imagination. Take the most popular hosting service – shared hosting.

Shared Hosting is great for smaller projects! Most of the time it’s incredibly cheap and will cover the needs for small websites. A shared hosting service is stored on a dedicated server. On that dedicated server, there is a pool of resources. Along with you, there are tens or even hundreds, maybe thousands of other shared hosting partitions. All of them daw from the same pool of resources with certain amount limits. Let’s say a quarter of these shared hosting partitions experience a high-traffic load. What happens to the other three quarters? They barely have any bandwidth left for them. Hence they might experience a major slowdown or even go down. In addition, shared hosting is made to be simple, with easily navigable control panels and other streamlined choices.

With VPS hosting, meanwhile, you get your service partition on a dedicated server, but instead of sharing a pool of resources, you get an allocated amount just for you. Processor cores, RAM, disk space. No resource sharing at all! There is a set amount that is for you and you alone. Furthermore, you get extra control, like the aforementioned root access, but most often that comes at the price of losing some support, as most VPS services are semi-managed, rather than fully managed. That means they are aimed at more tech-savvy users.

So what is VPS hosting good for?

Understanding the benefits of VPS hosting helps to get a grip on the scope this service has to offer. VPS guarantees stability, reliability, some serious power, and feature, control, flexibility, and scalability. This service is the go-to choice for various enterprise level websites or online stores, that experience a lot of traffic and can’t experience downtime. Another use is for resource-heavy web applications, that require a lot of power and stability. You can also use a VPS to set up a virtual private network, a functionality that will ensure, that your data exchanges and traffic can’t be spied on, monitored or breached in any other ways by hackers, governments or bad actors. Ever wanted to run a game server? Easy, you can do that with a Virtual private Server too. It’s not all work and no play.

The final note

VPS is a genuinely outstanding technology that cuts costs on web hosting with serious power. Providing a great compromise between having your own dedicated server and a lower power solution like shared hosting.