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by | Jan 29, 2019 | Sports Featured

Football betting in incredibly popular. It is estimated that about 430,000 people in the UK have at least tried it in the UK alone. The accessibility of online betting platforms such as NetBet Casino and the potential payouts for choosing the right odds are the reasons behind the massive following. However, to place successful bets, the gambler must put together a reliable strategy.

Most people think having an innate understanding of football is sufficient to gamble successfully, but unfortunately, it doesn’t work that way. You will need to employ the following tips in order to have the best opportunity to generate some income from betting. Here’s the full list:

1) Use Some Mathematics

We aren’t talking about some Leonhard Euler or Dr Stephen Hawking level of math knowledge, but, the application of basic mathematics which can be easily tabulated by a calculator.

To calculate the value accordingly, you will need learned experience of where odds have shown are accurate or not, and a mathematics-related approach to confirm the speculation.

For example, a football lover would predict that Manchester United is more likely to defeat West Bromwich Albion (WBA) at home. The next question they should ask is whether the odds are reflecting the likelihood of its occurrence.

Ask, if Man United played against WBA twenty times, how many of the rounds would they win? Ten? Twelve? Fourteen? All?
Here’s where the mathematical calculations come in. To tabulate correctly we should secure a fraction or a specified percentage.

If we suspect Man United would win 15 out of 20 matches, then the resulting betting fraction is 5/20 or rather 1/4 in the bookmakers’ parlance.

Most gamblers would probably say a 14 odds on the favourite isn’t ‘value’. However, we have just proven that is Man United are quoted at, ¼ of their encounter, they will be a great value.

Bettors make the mistake of looking at the highest price attached. They often assume the outsider is of more value because of the fascinating odds and the potential rewards. This is wrong, and that pricing is there for a reason.

2) Manage Finances Like a Boss

The golden rule to successful football betting is to manage your finances like a boss. If you don’t keep an eye on your bankroll your ambitions to make some good money will be cut short almost instantly.

Most betters stake more when they assume they are on a winning streak, others when losing. In the real sense, there is no such thing as a streak. Results are randomly generated which means, it is statistically correct to say there will be a great mix of wins and losses before the outcome regresses to the average mean. Therefore, no emphasis should be placed on assumed winning or losing streaks.

The other common mistake most bettors make is staking varying amounts based on ‘perceived’ value. For example; most would wager £10 on Man United beating (WBA) and probably £1 on Stoke City beating Chelsea.

It seems reasonable and quite logical, right? But, take note that all bookmakers have done their homework well and have done the ‘value’ task accordingly. Therefore, don’t make the mistakes they want you to.

All odds have a margin that protects them, and rarely do bookies get them wrong!

Instead, wager the same level of the stake for every bet placed. Alternatively, ensure every bet is based on a specified percentage of the total bankroll.

3) Research

Make sure you research on both teams playing. Read the head to head stats of past games. Go through the list of players and identify any injuries, suspensions, or any other relevant news about them.

Find out which team is playing at home. Read through the profile of the referee and any other relevant facts that can give you a better insight into what to expect in the game results. Once you have the stats noted down, use the math skills noted in part one of this post to determine a more accurate prediction.

If you follow this keenly, you will have a headstart in identifying where the value lies and that right there is your key to success.

4) Take Advantage of the Bookies

There are so many companies competing against each other in the betting industry. This is bad for them but great for you, and, here’s why. As a result of this competition, gambling sites offer massive bonuses, free best and lucrative reward programs. Take the time to look around and identify the most attractive promotions.

Open as many accounts on different sites to enjoy what each of them has to offer. However, be keen on being selective with the sites you associate with. As much as these offers may be free money, there could be a reason why the sites are offering enhanced odds on specified incomes.

Even after creating an account, they will continuously try to impress you with promotions and offers. Keep your eyes open, so you don’t miss out on any of them including the seasonal ones offered during special events like the Premier League.

5) Record, Analyse and Review

If business owners didn’t record or analyse results, how would they be able to draw conclusions and set goals and plans for the following income year? The same applies to online betting. Keep spreadsheets and detailed records of past performance. Analyse the records accordingly, establish patterns or trends and identify your areas of expertise. Are you able to spot draws a mile away? Are you accurate at determining the final score? This way you will be able to find out your edge.

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