Getting in the Know: 5 Reasons Why a Bad Credit Rating is Bad

by | Jan 10, 2019 | Jobs Featured

Credit is used for many different approval processes, lenders will always check into your financial history before agreeing to work with you. You will need to impress them or you won’t get very far. Having bad credit will result in many problems down the line. If you want to buy a home, get a car loan, or even a simple loan to cover the holidays, it all depends on your credit.

1.Credit Denial

A low credit rating will leave you faced with denials from creditors. If you have negative marks and many missed payments, a lender will not want to service you. This is the largest effect of bad credit- how hard it is to attain a home loan for those looking to better their living situation.

There are certain credit cards designed for those with poor credit history. These secured credit cards for bad credit have additional requirements, but they can help begun rebuilding faulted-upon credit.

2. High Interest

On all other loans or credit cards you take out, you are sure to be charged a larger fee if your credit is bad. This is a direct result of not paying back previous debts. If the lender charges you more for what you use, you may use less credit and they will lose less if you don’t come through on your end or eventually stop paying.

3. Constant Collections Calls

Hearing from lenders whom you owe money can be stressful. This is especially so if they are calling you multiple times a day. The more outstanding accounts you have affecting your credit, the more collection companies will be trying to contact you.

Each debt comes with their own terms which you agreed upon. There are important collection laws that would be useful to research. Even looking through your contracts could be a helpful step.

4. Employment

There are some employers that will have you sign an agreement to an employer’s credit check along with your background check. This is where bad credit can stand in the way of getting that new job and building your finances. Without a good job, it is much harder to pay off your debts. Read all information from an employer carefully to understand what types of background checks they perform.

5. Security Deposits

Your ability to pay your obligations on time and in full will reflect on the deposits required to have utilities on in your name. This is the same case for health insurance premiums. The deposits will sometimes be decided on past credit history. Companies have to do this to protect themselves from consumers who have proven they may not pay down the line.

Fix Bad Credit

Taking steps to rectify your credit can save you from many problems in the future Using budgeting and smart spending is a beginning step to reclaiming any past financial mistakes. Understand that bad credit is not the end of the world, but it can affect unexpected parts of your life negatively.

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