How Winchester Science Centre Conducts Activities to Teach Kids about Space Exploration

by | Jan 23, 2019 | Education Feature

The Winchester Science Centre and Planetarium carries out science activities for kids. It aims to stimulate and motivate children’s interest in engineering, science, technology and math. The Science Centre’s Curiosity Officers are adept in communicating the exciting possibilities and frontiers of science to all age groups according to their intellectual level.

The Centre carries out the following activities:

STEM School Trip

School trips to the centre will see the following activities:

The Discover Workshop

There are 6 different science themes to choose from:

  • Destination Space

Pupils will look deep into space with the Webb Telescope and learn how light is utilized to give clear images of distant stars and galaxies.

  • Discover: Life

Students learn about evolution and life form transformations over time.

  • Discover: Matter

States of matter are explained and smart materials investigated. Slime and homemade bouncing balls will make this a fun-filled trip.

  • Discover: Rockets

Rockets are built and modified to inspire the next generation of rocket scientists

  • Discover : Sound

The physics of sound is explored through mighty earthquakes and humble triangles. Students will investigate unusual and creative techniques for creating sound waves.

Planetarium Show

A live show in which a presenter explains stars, galaxies and the universe according to the abilities of the audience

Space Challenge

Students tour the universe via a virtual space mission.

Explore the Exhibits

Students really love this hands-on exhibition of scientific artefacts.

The Centre extends generous 20% discounts to schools. Admission fee for one student is £9.5. Adults accompanying children are granted free admission. State-funded schools are given 15% discount. Priority schools are extended a 60% discount.

Outreach Activities

The Centre can also conduct science-based events at your school. Classroom-based Workshops and Mobile Planetariums are good options. Highly adept Curiosity Officers will make the event an engaging and fascinating experience.

For a full day, one presenter may provide up to 5 x 45 minute sessions for a £220 fee.

For a half day, one presenter will provide up to 3 x 45 minute sessions for a £170 fee.

Teacher Preview Evenings

Teachers and school representatives may visit the Centre for a teacher-preview evening. They will fully understand what to expect during the school trip. They may tour the facility to evaluate it. Staff members are readily available to answer any queries. These free bi-monthly sessions start at 4pm.

The Centre has other inclusive options for different needs:

Home Educators

Besides schools, the Centre welcomes home educators to tour their facility. The Annual Pass will offer high value to regular visitors. Home education groups must comprise of at least 20 children for a trip.

They can expect ‘The Magical Mystery Tour’- a live show customized by the presenter to suit the audience.


The Centre promises breathtaking birthdays for children. The children may explore the hands-on exhibit and enjoy the party buffet. Parents can opt for party bags and the very popular planetarium shows.

Corporate Events

The Centre may also serve as a venue for corporate events. The Planetarium Cinema has a capacity for 176 people. ‘Flat Format’ cinema and the 360-degree planetarium cinema format are on offer. This is ideal for presentations and conferences.

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