Snus is a moist tobacco powder produced in Sweden and is consumed by placing under the top lip for long periods. This type of tobacco is rather convenient as well, since it does not cause spitting. Nowadays, it is also possible to purchase the product in different flavours such as liquorice, mint and wintergreen.

The origin of snus dates back in the 16th century when a French diplomat called Jean Nicot recommended it to Catherine de’ Medici to treat migraine. Then, it was referred to as snuff as it comprised pulverised tobacco. Catherine became a regular user making snuff popular among France female elite who regarded it as socially acceptable compared to other forms of tobacco. At the beginning of the 17th-century, users started placing it in the nose. Later, Swedish producers introduced moist snuff, which could be placed on the lower lip and was referred to as snus. Since the mucous membrane on the lower or upper lip readily absorbs nicotine, it was believed the best place to place snus. It may cause a little tingling that is caused by the nicotine and the sodium carbonate used to increase the bioavailability of the former.

Types of Snus

The chemical composition of snus varies, yielding different types of snus:

  1. Loose snus: It is a moist powder usually packed in custom-built cylindrical devices. The end-result is referred by other names like prilla, pinch or prell. Long-time users take a farmer’s pinch, which involves taking a pinch of the snus and placing under the upper lip. Loose snus has lost popularity over time as other varieties emerge.
  2. Portion snus: This kind is prepackaged in tea-bag like packs and comes in smaller quantities than loose snus hence, considered to be more convenient to use. The first version of portion snus was introduced in 1973 and arrived in a brown, moist pouch.
  3. White portion snus: It is another variety of portion snus that comes in a milder-tasting form. Since the sachet material is not moisturised during the manufacturing process, the sachet retains the white colour. Flavour and nicotine used in white portion snus is, however, slower in delivery because the sachet is drier. SnusDirect distributes this kind is beautiful packages.
  4. Sting-free portion snus: Just as its name, it causes less burning on the user’s gum and oral membrane. In 2017, it received The Golden Leaf Award at the Global Tobacco Forum for being the most exciting innovation since the introduction of pouch.

Celebrities Using Sweden Snus

Snus remains a popular drug among the elite and has become a favourite addition to several celebrity routines. One such celebrity is Ashley Cole who uses it before a workout session. The former Arsenal, England and Chelsea star was spotted using this smokeless tobacco product in Los Angeles. At the time, he was wearing gym gear when he placed the snus pouch in his gum while taking a protein shake.

The use of this drug is also common among English Footballers. Charlie Adam’s a Stoke midfielder insists it has become a popular trend among English players looking for that extra excitement. Jamie Vardy, an England and Leicester striker, confessed to using the product in his autobiography. In 2016, a picture of him was taken while he was carrying the product.