Why SVG Cuts Files are so popular in Web Designing?

by | Jan 25, 2019 | Technology Featured

SVG files have almost become the standard in the web design industry. And the reason why it has become so popular within a span of a few years is because of all its properties. The most important of these properties is that it is vector based and can be resized and edited with ease. There is no upper or lower limitation on how much you can resize svg cuts files.

Explore all the key features of svg cuts files that make them so popular in web designing.

1.      Scalable Size & Shape

Graphics designers and web designers find svg cuts files to be of great value to them because these images can be scaled and repositioned with ease. You can create so many types of images using this file format, including:

  • Icons
  • Logos
  • Background patterns
  • Illustrations

2.      Create Mobile Responsive Websites

One of the main properties of mobile responsive websites is that they can be rendered effectively on any device and screen. The content, including images, can resize based on the device the website is opened in. And the use of SVG files can make such websites possible. You will have to create a single image file that can be used in different places on the website at different resolutions, without any effect on image quality.

It is possible to open svg cuts files in different browsers without any distortion or pixelation. Today, it is considered the best-possible file type for creating responsive design. Since it is based on vector graphics, it is resolution-independent. Instead of having to create different PNG or other format files, you are able to save time and effort in creating a single SVG file.

3.      Supports CSS Styles

Another way this file format makes web designing simpler is by preventing the need to make HTTP requests to fetch images. You can add SVG code directly to your page’s HTML and this process is called inline SVG.

The browser draws the graphics based on the code. You can style the files with CSS. So if you want to make changes to the image’s color, there is no need to open it in editing software. All it needs is making changes to the lines in CSS.

It is also possible to apply CSS styles on svg cuts to get the desired effects and designs. In fact, the file format also supports animation.

4.      Supports Animation

As already mentioned, it is also possible to create animation effects on svg cuts files. This is because inline SVG images support CSS styling. Thus, you can apply CSS animations on these files. There are two simple ways to animate this file format:

  • CSS transforms
  • CSS transitions

Thus, you can create effects similar to Flash, without the negatives that come with using Flash in web designing.

Thus, there are many reasons why svg cuts files are so popular in the field of web designing. The format provides a level of flexibility that is almost unmatched. It works in a different way compared to other image file formats, supports CSS styling, and thus creates unlimited opportunities.

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