5 Points to Ponder Before Renting Temporary Office Space

by | Feb 6, 2019 | Business Feature

The concept of renting office space for anywhere from a few hours to a few months is practical and popular these days. If you see a need to rent office space on the horizon, take a moment and ask a yourself a few questions. The answers will help you determine who has spaces available that are just right for your purpose.

How Much Room Do You Need?

Perhaps you are an independent contractor who normally works out of a home office and wants a change of venue for a week or so. In this scenario, you might find that the decision to rent cubicles in Toronto works just fine. If you are visiting a city and planning on meeting with a lot of clients, you may want to go with a private office with access to a conference room. Decide what you need in terms of space and then approach providers who offer those types of temporary rental arrangements.

What Type of Support Services Would Be Nice?

When you rent office space, always find out what features and amenities are available. Some of them may be included in the rental rate while others are yours for an additional fee. It’s up to you to determine if any of those support services are necessary.

When you generally interact with clients via email, text, and online conferencing, there’s no need for a receptionist to field incoming calls. Instead, you can rent cubicles in Toronto that come with a strong Internet connection and do just fine. On the other hand, if your plan is to meet with clients in your temporary space, you definitely want a receptionist who can greet them, announce that they’ve arrived, and possibly even escort them to the conference room you’ve reserved.

Does the Rental Include Parking Space?

If you plan on driving to and from your rented office space, make sure there’s street parking, a parking lot, or a parking deck nearby. You may find that the cost of parking is included in the rental or that you can get a discounted rate. The goal is to rent office space that you can get to easily. Even if you rent cubicles in Toronto, the company owner may have spaces reserved for all temporary tenants.

What Sort of Security is Part of the Rental?

While you will likely take your laptop or tablet with you each night, what about the other things you leave in your rented space? How are they protected? Find out what the building provides in terms of security systems, locks, and even the presence of security guards at night. Answers to those queries will help you rent office space that’s secure, whether you are going to rent cubicles in Toronto or rent an entire floor of offices.

Can You Take Along a Few Things to Personalize the Space?

While it’s obvious that you can’t make any permanent changes to the rented space, it pays to know what sort of things you can bring along to make the office feel more like your own. Little touches like framed photographs, plants, and possibly an area rug to anchor the space in front of your desk with two chairs for visitors will often do the trick.

Choosing to rent office space for a short time is often a financially sound solution as well as a practical one. Know what you need in the way of space and it won’t take long to determine if choosing to rent cubicles in Toronto will work or if you will need larger spaces. Once you know how much room you need, the right provider will find something suitable without any problem.

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