Automation Testing: The Perfect Way to Monitor and Augment the Performance of a System

by | Feb 14, 2019 | Technology Featured

There are numerous ways you can assure that your software or web application is performing great. But when it comes to overall quality analysis, you just can’t deny the fact that an automated testing tool is a right choice!

You just can’t get the desired performance analysis of a system without providing an adequate environment that can simulate the number of users. It is always better to rely on an automation testing tool that can provide proper efficiency and eventually saves a lot of time and effort that otherwise gets squandered when we rely on conventional methodologies.

Here we would be sharing some aspects related to automation testing approach that everyone ought to know.

The Need for Automation Testing

One of the biggest questions that most of the people are currently having in their mind is the need to follow an automation testing approach? Well, you cannot rely on manual testing alone when it comes to loading testing and precise functional testing of a web application or a desktop application.

You can easily create an environment in which you can assign load to the system that helps in monitoring the alterations in the overall performance of the software. This simply means that the testing professional need not spend their precious time checking the overall functionality, which can be determined by running automated scripts.

How to Use an Automated Testing Tool for Checking the Functionality

When it comes to the functionality of the software, you can always rely on automated testing tools like Selenium, which helps in creating better reports that help the developers in overcoming loopholes. As a testing engineer, it becomes your responsibility to write adequate scripts that run on the loop to analyze the functionality of the software.

These scripts are written in a way that they work on the core functionality of the software by changing the environment, a number of users, and impressions. This procedure keeps on repeating, which gives the best results that you can’t even expect from manual procedures. This is the main reason why complex software and web applications demand automation testing procedures.

The Role of Testing Professional

Unlike the conventional manual testing approach, one can easily get the desired performance analysis, breakage point, and load-bearing capacity with an automated testing tool. This means you just only need a single testing engineer that can write the scripts in a way that it harmonizes the entire testing procedure.

You can always expect greater reliance with these scripts as they don’t require time to time monitoring and you get a detailed report regarding the test and the glitches. Once the report is generated, the developer can work on it precisely to enhance the performance of the system.

Which one is the perfect Automation Testing Tool

This is the most common question that comes in every developer when it comes to the overall performance and functional testing. There are numerous options when it comes to the automation testing tools. It is the type of testing and software that determines the need for a specific tool.

One can utilize JMeter, Selenium, or Robotium for effective functional and load testing procedures. Moreover, it is always a great decision to seek help from professionals that hold good experience in providing the best in class automation testing services. This would augment the overall efficiency of the software or web application while you are about to launch the product in the market.

These were some crucial aspects associated with performance testing and the need to utilize the true potential of an automated testing tool.

Author Bio: Munish Sharma, is a Senior QA Engineer & Editor associated with Bugraptors which is certified software testing company providing manual & automation testing services. He is passionate toward writing on technological trends for. In addition to writing for Software testing, he expand his knowledge and tact’s for decoding all the critical issues while doing software testing for several domains.

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