Coping with chronic pain – relief techniques to try

by | Feb 13, 2019 | Health Featured

Chronic pain can range in severity from one individual or another, but the effects it has on one’s life remain equally unpleasant in all situations. It has been pointed out that stress, as well as social and emotional factors can worsen chronic pain, even if it has initially been triggered by physical factors. This is why, you are recommended to focus on decreasing stress levels, when you are trying to deal with this issue in a healthy manner. Living with chronic pain isn’t easy, especially if you haven’t focused on developing the right coping mechanisms. There are some things you are able to do, which will ease the symptoms experienced and help you reduce pain or even escape it altogether. Look into the following suggestions, and consider trying out these techniques.

Give up on unhealthy habits

Smoking and drinking are known to affect quality of life in general, and in order to manage your pain effectively, a healthy lifestyle is required. No longer consuming alcohol will help you improve your sleep, which is linked to chronic pain severity. Painful circulation problems are also aggravated by smoking, so if you have this nasty habit, it’s time you consider giving it up. A healthy way of living will always influence problems such as chronic pain, so the first thing you need to do is make sure your habits are helping you, not causing you further risks.

CBD cream and massages

Various studies have shown the amazing effects CBD oils and creams have on different types of pain. The body’s  endocannabinoid system interacting with CBD will result in better pain management, according to researchers. Besides the relaxation and skin benefits that come with the use of oils based on CBD, once you start using a product of this sort, experiencing less pain will be a natural outcome as well. You are recommended to apply CBD oil to your skin, in order to access its anti-inflammatory effects. Mixing massage with this type of product can be the solution you were seeking all along. You can consider working with a massage therapist, to make things even more efficient. Massage in itself is known to relax your entire body, triggering the start of restorative processes, but when CBD oils or creams are added, the results ensured reach entirely new heights. Serotonin production will be stimulated, and even the most severe chronic pain episode can be kept under control this way. CBD cream for pain can soon become your ally in fighting against this issue.

Music therapy

It may seem hard to believe that music can actually help with pain control, but it has been shown on more than one occasion that music therapy does in fact have a role on the matter. When you are listening to something you enjoy, something that entertains you and keeps your spirit and mood lifted, it’s easier to distract yourself from discomfort and pain. Music also determines you to relax more easily, which, as pointed out so often, will help you manage your symptoms better. While classical music has been suggested by experts to work extremely well here, you can always try with your favorite genre as well. When you are not feeling great, put on one of your favorite songs, turn the volume up, sit comfortably, close your eyes and enjoy. You will notice you’ll start feeling better soon.

Exercise more

Going for a run or spending an hour at the gym might be the last thing you would want to do when a chronic pain episode kicks in. However you should know that the endorphins your body releases when you are working out can actually ease this issue more effectively than you would imagine. If you have researched the subject for a bit, you probe know already that these brain chemicals have the role of boosting your mood, but what they will also do is block pain signals, and thus help you reduce the negative sensation experienced. It’s time you start prioritizing exercise in your life, and create a daily routine. Working out will also strengthen your muscles, which means you will be reducing your risks of re-injuring yourself, and thus dealing with further pain. It doesn’t matter if it jogging, fitness workouts or spinning, it’s important to keep your body active.


Just as it was mentioned above, stress can play a critical role in the development or intensification of chronic pain, which means you need to find effective ways of relaxing. Meditation is a great option here. This is a technique that enables your body to fully relax, which ultimately leads to a reduction in terms of pain. Find a quiet spot that allows you to connect with your inner self, with no distractions around, take deep breathes and immerse yourself into meditation completely. When you start your day with this relaxation technique, you will see for yourself that your chronic pain symptoms will be faded or inexistent at all. Although it may take some time until you actually master the art of meditation, once you understand how it needs to be done, the benefits encountered will be impressive.


Yoga can be regarded as the ideal combination between exercise and mediation. Incorporating proper breathing techniques, yoga will facilitate an optimal control of your body, will improve your posture, ease tension and allow you to maintain any discomfort to a minimum. After a thorough yoga session, you will feel happier, more relaxed and have your body and mental health in-sync.

Experiencing chronic pain on the regular can truly affect your quality of life, preventing you from enjoying yourself during special occasions, focus on work, or even have fun. When this issue becomes predominant, it’s time to take matters into your own hand and access some relief methods that actually bring you results. The tips above mentioned are ones might provide you with the support you were looking for all along, helping you ease unpleasant sensations and cope with this problem in an effective manner. Give them a try, and find you what works best for you personally.

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