Pocket WiFi Europe: Stay Connected While You Travel in Europe

by | Feb 18, 2019 | Travel Featured

With over 30 different countries in Europe, it’s a daunting task to stay connected while you’re traveling through the continent. Imagine, you captured a terrific picture of a beautiful landscape in Europe and can’t wait to get back to your hotel and upload the picture to your social media account. But, as soon as you reach, you discover that the hotel’s WiFi is not working. Heartbreaking, isn’t it? Or, let’s say you have to join an urgent work-related video conference while you’re on the road, and you don’t have an active internet connection. What will you do? Well, this is where the importance of Pocket WiFi Europe comes into the picture.

In this post, we’ll discuss the Pocket WiFi solution in detail, and help you understand how you can benefit from the solution while you’re traveling in Europe. Read on to know more.

First things first – What is Pocket WiFi Europe?

You can call it an international WiFi, a portable WiFi, a pocket-size hotspot, MiFi, or a Pocket WiFi; there’s no dearth of names for this useful device. All the names have the same meaning: WiFi on the go.

A Pocket WiFi is a small device that functions just like the internet router at home. The device instantly provides you with a wireless hotspot connection that you can use to connect your laptop, phone, tablet, or PC. It’s your personal, portable internet connectivity that allows you to access the internet as and when you want; as long as the battery is alive!

You can easily carry the device in your bag or pocket and set up the WiFi connection wherever you go. And, the best thing is that you don’t need to rely on an unsafe public WiFi at the airport or the coffee shop. With your Pocket WiFi in Europe, you will get a password protected service that’ll keep your device safe come what may.

Another perk of having a Pocket WiFi in Europe is that it travels wherever you travel, so you don’t need to worry about traveling to a location that’s very remote.

Why you need a Pocket WiFi in Europe?

Let’s look at a few reasons why you need a Pocket WiFi in Europe:

Security of data and information

When you’re traveling in Europe, you can never guess if you’re data and information are going to be secure. It’s also unclear how easily hackers would be able to access your private data and information when you’re accessing a public WiFi. Using a Pocket WiFi, you can overcome the security issue completely by using a password protected, safe and secure connection.

Your credit card details or other sensitive information such as your password could also get leaked through an unsecured internet connection. The last thing you want while traveling in Europe is a drained bank account because your bank details were stolen while you were using an unsecured public WiFi connection.

Slow internet

You can never rely on a public WiFi for speed and efficiency. The speed of a public WiFi depends on your device, the type of router being used for distributing the public WiFi connection, and how many users are already connected to it. In public places such as restaurants, hotels, airport, etc., you will typically find extremely slow internet connections. With 4G connectivity on your Pocket WiFi in Europe, you won’t have to worry about the speed issue.

No restrictions on browsing

Many times, when you use a public WiFi or even a dedicated WiFi in a hotel room, you will notice that your browsing will be limited. Moreover, some of the internet connections even force you to use search engines they’re affiliated with or browse through certain gateways while using the internet. This can be a problem for those of you who love the freedom that comes browsing on the internet. With a Pocket WiFi, this issue is completely gone. You won’t come across any restrictions on internet browsing.

Respite from advertisements on a public WiFi

Typically, when you connect to a public WiFi, you’ll be prompted to go through a series of advertisements that talk about the place and the services being offered along with detailed sales pitches. This could be anything from a sales video to a customer survey. Sitting through a time-consuming video advertisement or survey is a big “NO” for many internet users. So, it’s best you switch to a Pocket WiFi to avoid unnecessary ads while browsing the internet in Europe. Avoiding annoying advertisements in something that most of the internet users try to do, but unfortunately, are unable to do while accessing a public WiFi network.

Low roaming charges

Almost every year, shocking bills on roaming charges in Europe force millions of tourists to stop using the internet for browsing or official purposes. You’ll be stunned to know that some travelers received roaming bills amounting to up to 3500 euros just because they uploaded some pictures on their social media accounts during their vacation in Europe or used WhatsApp. Therefore, a Pocket WiFi in Europe is the perfect alternative to high roaming charges. Whether you want to browse the internet to find some cool stuff you can do while in London or browse Google Maps while driving a rental car; a Pocket WiFi is all you need. It’s easily affordable, and reliable too!

Convenience, convenience, and convenience

The most significant benefits of Pocket WiFi Europe is convenience and ease of use. With Pocket WiFi, you can access the wireless internet wherever you go. You can virtually be anywhere and access internet on the go, right at your fingertips. Imagine, conveniently joining a video call while you’re traveling in a taxi on the busy streets of Europe.

Other benefits

  • Use Google maps and navigate while driving a rental car
  • Check train, bus, and flight schedules
  • Look up for places to visit nearby
  • Check reviews and ratings of restaurants near you
  • Use language translation tools
  • Access your social media accounts
  • Call your family and friends over
  • Become a part of business meetings
  • And a lot more…

How easily can you use a Pocket WiFi in Europe?

The answer is “INCREDIBLY EASILY.” Once you charge the device, you can use it for up to 8 hours in one-go. With a Pocket WiFi, you can start using the internet in mere seconds while you’re traveling in Europe.

Factors to consider while choosing a Pocket WiFi in Europe

So, by now you clearly know what is a Pocket WiFi is, its advantages, and how easily you can use it to access the internet while you’re traveling in Europe. Let’s now deep dive into some important factors you need to consider before picking the best Pocket WiFi in Europe.


Even though a “Pocket WiFi” implies a tiny device, not all Pocket WiFis are of the same size. Some are larger than the others. So, make sure that if you’re buying or renting a Pocket WiFi, the device is small and easy to carry in a bag or your pocket.


Most of the Pocket WiFis are compatible with all kinds of devices such as phones, laptops, tablets, and PC. However, some are wireless, while the others come with a USB-type connectivity. They are “Plug and Play” WiFi devices. So, make sure you buy or rent a Pocket WiFi which is a standalone device.


Some Pocket WiFi devices in Europe come with basic features, while the others come with advanced features that allow users to use the device as a power bank to charge their phones.


You’ll find both, 3G and 4G Pocket WiFis on the market. So, make sure you buy or rent a Pocket WiFi that comes with 4G connectivity.

The most reliable Pocket WiFi in Europe – My Webspot

If you’re planning a business trip or vacation to Europe anytime soon, My Webspot can be a great WiFi companion. Simply rent this Pocket WiFi in Europe and enjoyed unlimited internet access wherever you go. Moreover, it’s extremely easy to use the Pocket WiFi in Europe. Many travel bloggers are using My Webspot and are highly satisfied with their experience.

Stay connected while you travel in Europe with high-speed 4G connectivity and unlimited internet browsing.

Notable features of My Webspot

  • Unlimited internet across Europe
  • Up to 95% savings on data roaming
  • Perfect for travelers
  • No contracts
  • High speed internet connectivity in over 55 European countries
  • Share WiFi with up to 5 devices
  • Up to 8 hours of battery life
  • No hidden costs
  • Easy to use
  • 100% safe and secure
  • Rental starting at just 5.40€/day

How to rent a Pocket WiFi in Europe with My Webspot?

Renting a Pocket WiFi in Europe to enjoy unlimited connectivity from Rome to London is no big task. Here’s what you need to do:

  • Book the device online – Pick your destination, date, delivery mode, and pay online.
  • Delivery – The Pocket WiFi will be delivered to your home, apartment, or hotel in Europe.
  • Enjoy high-speed internet – Make the most of unlimited 4G internet while you’re traveling to different parts of Europe.
  • Return the device – On your last day in Europe, return the Pocket WiFi along with the enveloped provided.

Is My Webspot a reliable Pocket WiFi in Europe?

As long as there is network coverage, My Webspot will work perfectly, and provide you with high-speed internet access across Europe. Not only this, but you can also share the internet connectivity with up to 5 other devices around you.

The final thoughts

Now that you know why you need a Pocket WiFi in Europe, do you think My Webspot would be an ideal pick for you? Check the rental price on the website and see if it suits your budget and requirement.

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