5 ways to attract long-stay business travelers to your luxury hotel

by | Mar 19, 2019 | World Featured

There are many types of travelers in the world: family, corporate, leisure, group, and backpackers. Business travelers represent the most important segment for luxury hotels. They are easy to manage and are prone to spending significantly more on additional services during their stay. It is expected that business travel spending will reach $ 1.7 trillion by 2022. There can be no question of uncertainty when it comes down to global business travel. Hotels providing luxury accommodation experiences need to make efforts to stand out. Competition is on the rise in the hospitality industry. The present market is marked by globalization and the increasing recognition of interrelations.

In the Middle East, for instance, growth in the hotel sector shows no sign of slowing down. Continuous construction advancement in the area results in more rooms at the moment. Many travelers have visited Makkah, one of the most revered Islamic places, for business purposes. Saudi Arabia is looking forward to diversifying its economy with regard to the petrochemical sectors, telecommunications, natural gas exploitation, etc. It is necessary to work as hard as possible to capture a specific type of guest. Please continue reading to find out how to capitalize on long-stay business travelers with high potential for your luxury hotel.

1.      Figure out what attracts corporate clientele to your hotel

More and more business travelers are booking their own accommodation. Nowadays, professionals no longer rely on business travel agents when looking for a place to stay. When a hotel is capable of matching the needs of the guests, it is capable of increasing the number of rooms reserved. It is important to comprehend what attracts travelers to your luxury hotel in the first place. What is it that makes people want to check in? The unsurpassable opulence could be an explanation. Business travelers take pleasure in staying in the most extravagant buildings, in immediate proximity to the views of the city, and enjoy incomparable refinement. Understand what guests appreciate the most as far as your establishment is concerned and make sure to cater to their needs. You will want them to extend their time at your hotel.

2.      Make emails your strength

Email marketing is largely considered one of the most effective digital marketing methods. It has a large reach, enabling users to communicate with customers right away. Corporate travelers, as far as they are concerned, check their emails several times throughout the day. In other words, they are constantly checking email. Since these guests are so active on their phones, it is a good idea to send them targeted emails. Timing is of the essence. The ideal time is before lunch. It is highly likely that people will be checking into their work mode by this time. Let individuals know what is going on in you are and what extra services you might be offering. For example, you can provide a free room upgrade for a direct booking. The aim is to engage with the readers and inspire them to take action.

3.      Highlight your local area

Location is of great significance with reference to deluxe lodging. When choosing a place to stay, business travelers select a hotel in a convenient area. Without any doubt, they will be attracted to an elegant and luxurious Makkah hotel in Saudi Arabia. As a rule, the guests will collect information about the local area. Research is at the same time boring and unpleasant. Use the business website to inform travelers about the nearness to office buildings and frequently visited places. Makkah offers the ideal work solutions for knowledge-based businesses, as well as technology startups. This means that international contacts are sought coming. Help your long-stay guests in the most efficient way possible by eliminating the need to do research.

There are many cultural distinctions between the West and the East. What is important is that businesses is conducted on the basis of trust and familiarity. Business visitors can take advantage of tea, traditional coffee, and much more. According to the experts, travelers now mix business with pleasure. To be more precise, they spend a great deal of their free time exploring the destination that they are visiting. The traveler of today has a more adventurous approach to travel. It is possible to perform Umrah while visiting Makkah for business purposes, even the few weeks before the Haji period. Muslims are allowed to travel to the holy city. The point is that it is not tempting to spend the entire trip in the hotel, in spite of the fact that numerous facilities are included, such as spas.

4.      Reward the most loyal customers

The vast majority of hotel guests do not come back if they do not feel appreciated. This is the reason why it is important to retain existing ones. If a business traveler is happy with the luxury hospitality that you offer, they will most certainly recommend you to their acquaintances. It is easier to retain existing guests than to attract new ones, so it is well worth the effort to implement a reward program. Rewards can come in the form of dedicated offers and exclusive services. Think about every imaginable perk that you can offer. Anyone of them will enhance your chances of converting visitors into long-stay guests. At present, it is more simple than ever to create personalized offers.

5.      Offer private areas for conferences

Going to conferences represents an opportunity to meet the people within a specific industry and learn new things. Business professionals return from conferences with new ideas and approaches. It is crucial to provide corporate guests with a private area for small conferences and meetings. This will certainly be appreciated. A dynamic lodging facility located in the heart of the city should have functional spaces. The top luxury hotels in the Middle East, for instance, feature function rooms of various sizes, being able to accommodate guests and events alike. Everything from the décor to the lighting is carefully chosen. Since it can give your hospitality business additional visibility, it needs to be considered.

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