Is Gaming Healthy?

by | Mar 25, 2019 | Health Featured

Is gaming healthy? That is the question we’re going to consider today and the answer might surprise you. What we’ve discovered is that gaming actually has plenty of health benefits! Gone is the image of an unhealthy gamer in a dark room, eating junk food and being incredibly unsociable (well, almost gone).

Gaming is a hobby just like any other and with a little effort it can be just as refreshing and healthy as going to a cookery lesson or reading a good book.

Creative Minds

Gamers these days are young, smart and highly creative. In fact, playing video games has shown to lead to a greater output of creativity. It seems that instead of stifling a person’s creativity, gaming actually broadens their horizons and promotes a keener visual awareness of their surroundings. Gamers tend to be inspired by the incredible leaps in technology and the stunning graphics that now form part of the gaming experience.

Better Brain Muscle

One of the biggest health benefits is that gamers are showing signs of hugely improved cognitive function. Whether they’re playing slots, table games or multiplayer games, gamers are strengthening certain areas of their brains. Studies have shown that this has improved their motor skills and their ability to formulate long-term plans and there is a notable improvement on both short and long-term memory.

An Escape from Pain

One fairly surprising health benefit that we found while doing our research is that people suffering from trauma or chronic pain have found gaming to be particularly therapeutic. It seems that by becoming engrossed in a game and allowing themselves to be transported to another ‘world’, the player is no longer so consumed by their pain or worries. This is actually similar to the effect that meditation or yoga would have on a person’s psyche.

Start Small

If you’re new to gaming, you might not want to rush into a full-on fantasy adventure or first person shooter game straight away. We suggest starting with slot games. You’ll find hundreds of themes and genres to explore and you can learn how to play them very quickly. You can play slots online Canada wide, but if you need a little guidance there are plenty of online recourses, such as, that will help you find your way with slots online in Canada.

Start by playing one of the free slots Canada offers and then, when you’re ready, you can have a little flutter if the mood takes you. Who knows, you might win real money Canada style – which means you might win big!

Get Social

Once you’ve got used to the way slots work and the way online casinos work, you’ll be more comfortable to start exploring other games. Table games, such as poker, blackjack and baccarat are an excellent way to flex your brain muscle.

And when you’re ready to be sociable, you can find a multiplayer game or a live casino game that will allow you to interact with other players. For those of you who spend too much time alone, gaming can be a great way to encourage you to reach out and make friends.

Find a Balance

Gaming certainly has health benefits. Of course, if you want to stay healthy you should combine gaming with eating a healthy diet and getting regular exercise – even if it’s just a daily walk outside in the fresh air. And, you need to watch your spending. It’s imperative that you set a spending limit if you’re going to start placing bets on the games you’re playing. Hitting the red or being in debt is extremely stressful and will quickly unravel all the healthy side effects you’ve accumulated.

Play it safe and maintain a healthy balance of work and play and you should find yourself smiling a little more and remembering where you put the keys!

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