New Research Highlights The Importance of The Right Elderly Care

by | Mar 26, 2019 | Health Featured

New research suggests that residential care home is not the right choice for many elderly people.

New research has revealed that 97% of elderly people don’t want to move into a residential care home when they cannot care for themselves anymore.

The Live-in Care Hub is a not-for-profit organisation committed to raising the quality of elderly care in the UK and their new report “Better At Home 2019” is an update of ongoing research started in 2016. The report includes new research by the Personal Social Services Research Unit (PSSRU) at the University of Kent and examines the full-time care options available to older people, their advantages and disadvantages, and what factors influence care choices.

Falls can result in serious injury and hip fractures for elderly people but the “Better At Home 2019” report revealed that they experience 30% fewer falls living at home with a professional live-in carer compared to living in a residential care home, and experience half as many hip fractures.

These data highlight the importance of choosing the right elderly care and not making a rushed, uninformed decision when a family is at crisis point. Desperate families often have no idea who to turn to for help and information about elderly care choices.

Dominique Kent, Joint Founder of the Live-In Care Hub, is a passionate advocate for better elderly care in the UK. “Some care homes are clearly excellent and allow residents a certain amount of freedom and independence. Some also have excellent CQC (Care Quality Commission) ratings but, unfortunately, these comprise only 7% of all care homes.

I am, therefore, convinced that one-to-one care at home with a live-in carer results in better health and wellbeing for the vast majority of elderly people – we know, for example, that people fall less with live-in care than in care homes. With live-in care a professional carer looks after someone in their own home where there are no restrictions imposed to prevent them enjoying life as fully as possible.

It is important that older people understand that a care home is not their only choice.”

Dominique Kent, Joint Founder of the Live-In Care Hub, commented “We are here to guide families in an honest, impartial way through all their options for elderly care.¬†We offer a care alternative that challenges the traditional view that care homes are the only answer for elderly people unable to care for themselves anymore. Our Better At Home Report reveals that care in their own home is preferable for almost all elderly people. Our mission is to raise awareness of live-in care as a better alternative to a care home through this report and through our website, which offers practical tips, advice and support to those seeking elderly care for themselves or for a relative.”

Dominique Kent, Joint Founder of the Live-In Care Hub, which provided some of the data for the PSSRU report, commented “There’s no doubt elderly care is expensive but with live-in care there is total transparency about how and where the money is being spent and, therefore, whether that care offers value for money.

But, more importantly, one-to-one care at home with a live-in carer results in better physical and mental health and wellbeing for elderly people. Isn’t it about time people funding their own care received better care that is also good value for money?”

The full report can be viewed at The Live-In Care Hub is a non-profit organisation that provides research, educational articles and regular advice and practical tips for elderly people, family care-givers and all family members about care of the elderly.

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