Pocket WiFi Spain – All You Need to Know

by | Mar 5, 2019 | Travel Featured

If you’re planning a family vacation or business trip to Spain anytime soon, it’s important you know that public and hotel WiFi networks usually do not satisfy travelers who need access to unlimited, fast, and safe internet wherever they go. So, if you’re someone who lives, eats, and breathes the internet, this post will be a read for you. In this post, we’ll discuss the importance of portable WiFi or Pocket WiFi in Spain, and how it can benefit you while you’re traveling across Spain. If you’re looking for a budget-friendly portable WiFi solution, read on to know more about the affordable Pocket WiFi Spain.

Are you traveling to Spain? Stay connected to the internet 24×7

95% of tourists travel to Spain with their mobile phones, 86% of tourists expect the WiFi network in their hotel to work perfectly, and over 60% of tourists post their vacation-related updates on social networking sites. The numbers clearly show that the internet is the most popular travel companion for individuals traveling to Spain for personal or official purpose.

Whether you’re traveling to Spain for a critical business meeting or planning to spend quality time with your loved ones in Barcelona, you would like to access your mail, stay connected with your friends and family back home via WhatsApp or Viber, browse the web to find highly-rated restaurants around you, and do a lot more with unlimited access to the internet. More than 90% of the travelers who visited Spain in 2013 used the internet to plan their trip and book their stay in Spain.

What is a Pocket WiFi in Spain?

Portable internet devices have made traveling to Spain and other countries in Europe more convenient and enjoyable. Whenever you hear of the following: MiFi, Mobile Hotspot, Portable WiFi, Mobile WiFi; know that all these terms refer to the same device, i.e., a Pocket WiFi.

In technical terms, a Pocket WiFi is a portable wireless router that easily connects with any WiFi enabled device such as mobile phones, laptops, tablets, and PCs to provide users will unlimited internet access using a mobile network.

It works just like your WiFi at home. The device is lightweight, small, and you can carry it in your pocket or your bag.  There is no specific installation process for a Pocket WiFi in Spain. All you need to do is turn on the Pocket WiFi device, enter your password, and you will instantly be connected to high-speed internet on the go.

Location is not a constraint, and you can access unlimited internet in different parts of Spain, without anyone worrying about the data usage limit. Therefore, during your lengthy tours to Spain, make sure you rent a Pocket WiFi to save big on your data roaming expenses.

What are the advantages of renting a Pocket WiFi in Spain?

Outrageous roaming expenses have often forced all of us to switch off our mobile phone while we’re traveling in different countries. However, you can now rent an affordable portable WiFi device known as a Pocket WiFi in Spain and enjoy unlimited internet access wherever you go. Not only this, but there are also other advantages of renting a Pocket WiFi in Spain. These include:

Use online maps and GPS navigation

These days, online maps such as Google Maps are more useful than the traditional paper maps. Moreover, it’s next to impossible to travel in Spain smoothly without using GPS navigation. You may find it a little difficult to locate places in Spain as most of the street names are written in Spanish.

Since Google Maps doesn’t allow you to download maps offline in Spain due to local restrictions, you need internet access throughout your journey to use Google Maps. You can also make the most of Google Maps to check train transfer information in Spain.

Access social networking sites

If you’re social media savvy, it would be hard for you to go days without checking your social media accounts or posting updates about your vacation in Spain. A Pocket WiFi in Spain allows you to access social media as and when you want. With a portable WiFi network by your side, you can stream live on Facebook while you’re traveling in Barcelona or post breathtaking Instagram pictures of beautiful landscapes in Spain.

Contact family and friends back home

Using a Pocket WiFi in Spain, you can easily get in touch with family and friends in your home country. You can connect via a WhatsApp call or Skype. What’s even better? You don’t need to pay any additional data roaming charges or international call fee.

Search local restaurants and markets

Eating interesting food and shopping at the local markets are the two most attractive things to go during your vacation in Spain. You must be wondering how a Pocket WiFi in Spain fits into the scenario? Well, using a portable WiFi network, you can search for the best restaurants and shopping places around you. You can even book restaurants online. Not only this, but you can also read informative blogs and articles on the “must-try” dishes in Spain.

Book entertainment and fun activities

There’s no dearth of entertainment and fun in Spain. From taking part in the La Tomatina festival to completing the Camino trail, there are tons of interesting things to do during your trip to Spain. Using a Pocket WiFi in Spain, you can search for more entertainment and fun activities in Spain that you cover during your trip and book them online.

Download and use translation apps

Translation tools are something you’ll certainly need in Spain. Almost all the streets, billboards, and public places have important information written in Spanish. Using a Pocket WiFi in Spain, you can download language and translation-related apps within minutes and use them to your convenience.

Share WiFi with your travel group

A Pocket WiFi can be used by up to 5 devices at one time. Therefore, you can share your WiFi connection with people in your group or connect different WiFi-enabled devices at once. However, the speed on the internet can get altered as the bandwidth will get divided between the number of devices connected to the portable WiFi.

Save big on roaming charges

Roaming charges are high in Spain. So, if you want to stay away from unpalatable roaming bills once you’re back in your home country, switch to a Pocket WiFi in Spain. All you need to pay is the rental cost, and the Pocket WiFi service provider will take care of the rest. Moreover, Pocket WiFi services do not comprise any roaming charges.

Enjoy unlimited high-speed data

Most Pocket WiFis in Spain provide users with unlimited 4G internet access. SIM card services come with limited offerings and are costlier than Pocket WiFi services. Pocket WiFi is monetarily more viable.

Keep your data and information secure

Even though the Spanish Airport Authority is planning to launch free WiFi services at almost 46 airports, the internet speed at the airports is fairly low and the WiFi networks are not secure. Therefore, the information you send or receive can easily be captured by cybercriminals.

Moreover, if you access your bank accounts or use your credit card on these public WiFi networks, you can be at a risk of losing all the money in your accounts. All in all, it’s best to avoid public WiFi networks in Spain and use Pocket WiFi instead. Whether you want to search for information or perform online transactions, make sure you don’t use unsecured public WiFi networks.

Easy to carry and use

A Pocket WiFi is typically the size of a smartphone or sometimes even smaller, and lightweight. So, you can easily carry it in your purse, backpack, or pocket. Moreover, it’s very simple and easy to use. All you need to do is simply switch on the device and connect to the WiFi network by entering your password. Voila – you’re sorted for the remaining part of your trip! With SIM card networks, you end up losing time while trying to connect to the WiFi network.

The most reliable Pocket WiFi in Spain – My Webspot

My Webspot is a Pocket WiFi device that provides you with unlimited wireless internet access wherever you go in Spain. It’s similar to any other WiFi hotspot; however, it can snugly fit in your pocket. You can connect to the WiFi network in just a matter of minutes and share it with your family and friends, or anyone you meet in Spain.

My Webspot can be a good choice if you’re planning an elaborate trip to different Spanish destinations. Without paying any extra internet charges or fees, you can enjoy unlimited internet access at fixed rental rates. You can access the internet all day long and even connect to multiple WiFi devices at one time.

In Spain, almost all major cities such as Barcelona, Seville, Madrid, Palma, Valencia, Cordoba, Grande Canaria, and Bilbao have great coverage 4G coverage. However, when you leave these cities, My Webspot will connect to other local networks and provide you with WiFi internet access.

Notable features of My Webspot

  • Unlimited internet access all over Spain
  • Save more than 95% on data roaming charges
  • No contract
  • Perfect for all types of travelers
  • High-speed 4G internet
  • Share WiFi with over 5 devices
  • 8 hours of battery life
  • No hidden cost
  • Secure WiFi access
  • Easy to carry and use
  • Daily rental prices between 4.90€ and 7.90€/day
  • Additional insurance available

How to rent My Webspot in Spain?

Here’s how you can book the most reliable pocket WiFi in Spain and get unlimited internet access:

  • Book device online – Pick your destination, date, delivery mode, and pay online.
  • Delivery – You can collect the Pocket WiFi at Barcelona/Madrid airports or get it delivered to your apartment or hotel in Spain.
  • Get high-speed 4G internet – Enjoy unlimited 4G internet wherever you travel in Spain.
  • Return the device – On the last day, drop-off the device at the preferred location or simply post the device back in the Prepaid Envelope provided with the Pocket WiFi device.


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