3 BIG Marketing Mistakes to Avoid if You are in Medical Business

by | Apr 29, 2019 | Business Feature

Despite what many may believe, there is an unprecedented number of medical practices struggling to grow and bring in new patients. This is typically attributed to the fact that we are living in an ever-competitive world where having a digital marketing edge can mean the difference between surviving and closing your front doors.

There are several mistakes that medical practices make when it comes to the marketing of their business. Working with the right digital agency can help to turn bad practice marketing around, so that practices can see their business booming.

There are several common marketing pitfalls that are seen when medical practices get the wrong advice or try to navigate the world of digital marketing without guidance.

Marketing is treated as an expense

This is a very common mistake amongst many businesses. Marketing should never be treated as yet another bill to pay. When marketing is done the right way, and done well, it should be considered as an investment in your business. A properly executed marketing plan will reliably produce business returns that by far outperform the other investments you may have for your business.

Just like working with your financial advisor, when you work with a digital agency specialised in medical marketing, Azuri Group professionals will demonstrate how you will benefit from a strategy that is handcrafted to meet the needs of your business model. Each of your goals will be evaluated and tracked. The results will be adjusted to continue fine-tuning the process.

Promoting products and services, not solutions

Many of the medical professionals who are marketing their businesses are heavily promoting the products and services that they offer. They are not conveying the most important message that their patients are looking for, that they are problem solvers.

Remember that the vast majority of people that will be driven to your website or social media presence will be looking for solutions and information, not strictly just a medical provider. If your marketing strategy includes a detailed description of how you are a problem-solver, whether they are looking for veneers or a facelift procedure, then you will find yourself much more likely to convert that interest into a patient.

Confusing traffic with actual results

The majority of digital agencies and website developers will tout their experience and successes with driving traffic. Traffic is actually the easiest metric that can be achieved. Unfortunately, quantity does not reflect quality, with quality being those who are more likely to make an appointment with your practice.

There are any number of marketing tactics that can drive traffic to your website and social media presence and also light up those phone lines. But can that really be considered getting good results? Results will be the right patients seeking out your products and services for the right reason. The more challenging part and the most important aspect of it all, is to capture that traffic and convert it into patients who will be retained, and will also give out referrals to their family and friends.

That can be achieved with good digital marketing strategies.

Working with the right digital marketing agency, one that specialises in medical marketing, can help you to see the big returns that you are looking for. Training, experience and instinct can deliver a powerful marketing advantage and help you to maximise the results that you see.

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