Injured at Work? Your Compensation is Just 4 Steps Away

by | Apr 1, 2019 | Jobs Featured

Being injured at work can be devastating. The injury can be painful and debilitating and result in large medical expenses. The injury can make a person miss work and a paycheck. It can be serious enough to cause permanent disability and prevent a return to work. What is a person to do? You need to pay bills and recover your health. Though most employers will take care of their employees when they are injured on the job, some will be reluctant. Help may be needed when filing a workers’ compensation claim.

Do You Need A Workers Compensation Attorney?

When a person is injured at work, it is important to report the injury right away. Do not keep working while injured. The employer must provide their workers with medical treatment. Medical treatment must be adequate. Employers are required to carry workers compensation insurance. If the injury is minor and does not require hospitalization or missed work, it may not be necessary to hire a lawyer.

But, if the injury is serious and the employer or their insurance company is not providing the care or compensation you need, seek Workers compensation help. Attorneys offer free consultations for injured workers. They will help you decide if you need their help and if you have a case.

What You Are Entitled To

You are entitled to medical treatment paid for by your employer or their insurance. This treatment should be prompt and adequate. The treatment must continue until you see maximum improvement. If the insurance company is trying to close out your case and medical benefits before you are healed, get help.

You may need to miss work or discontinue work with serious injuries. In this case, you are entitled to disability payments. Get representation to help you get these disability payments owed to you.

Your Compensation Might Be Just 4 Steps Away

When you get legal representation for an on the job injury, you have a better chance of receiving adequate compensation. The worker’s compensation claim process involves 4 steps.

  1. When an injury occurs, ask your supervisor where to get medical help. Then, get the necessary medical treatment for your injury. Get a medical report.
  2. Notify your employer promptly about the injury and treatment. There is a time limit for reporting. Notify the supervisor in writing of the workplace accident and injury. Fill out the proper forms.
  3. The employer must then file your claim with the worker’s compensation insurer and the state workers’ comp board office. At that point, an evaluation of the claim is made and the worker is notified.
  4. Contact an experienced workers’ compensation attorney for representation. If your injury is serious and causes you to miss work or sustain a permanent injury, things can get complicated quickly. Your employer’s insurance company might try to limit your claim or compensation unfairly. Disputes may arise at this point. A workers’ compensation attorney will know the state’s laws and your rights. They are familiar with recent changes in the laws and can work with them to get their clients fair compensation for work injuries.

It is possible your claim will be disputed or turned down and then an attorney will file an appeal to continue the process. With legal help, you have a better chance of getting the work injury compensation you need.

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