11 Reasons Why Online Grocery Shopping is Better than Traditional Shopping

by | May 28, 2019 | Health Featured

Traditional shopping involves a shopper visiting a grocery store and going around the stores searching for the products of his choice. Once he finds the product, he fills it in a shopping cart and then gets it billed after all the shopping is done.

To get it billed, he has to stand in a queue and depending on the situation, he may need to wait for some time for his turn. Once done, he has to carry the bags home.

In online grocery shopping, a shopper need not go anywhere. From the comfort of his home, at any time of the day, he can visit an online grocery shopping website using a laptop or an app. The portal would have many products and brands. The shopper can select the products of his choice and it is added to a virtual shopping cart.

On completion of shopping, the shopper can pay online using many options or even choose to pay on delivery. The grocery would be delivered to the shopper’s home. Shopping online is that convenient!

For those who are still into traditional grocery shopping, here are 11 reasons why they should start online grocery shopping:

  1. Online shopping allows you to experience shopping 24/7, which is not possible at traditional shopping stores. Online stores are accessible at any time of the day. You can shop at any time and get the orders delivered to your doorstep as per a scheduled time. Whether it is after midnight or on a holiday, you can order the products of your choice online.
  2. Online shopping is where you can get products at the best possible prices. You can get products at a much lesser price online as compared to traditional stores. Online stores don’t have expenses like rent and electricity and can hence offer large discounts to customers. The discounts offered would be more than what a traditional store can offer.
  3. Online shopping stores have a variety of products as compared to traditional shopping. While traditional stores may only have a few brands, online stores would offer a range of brands. You can get the brand of your choice at an online store, which may be difficult when you walk into a traditional store.
  4. Newer models of online shopping, like the one offered by https://www.mercato.com allows you to buy online from the store of your choice. There would be many stores that offer specialized products like organic produce, etc. A shopper can buy different products from different stores. This offers a large pool of products to choose from.
  5. Finding products is much easier online than a regular store. In a regular store, you need to walk around looking for a product. In an online store, all you need to do is type a few letters of the product name and all variants of the product with brands are displayed for you to choose.
  6. In a traditional store, impulse buying is a problem where shoppers see something attractive in the supermarket and buy it on an impulse. They may not even need the product, but would still buy it. This problem is not there in online stores.
  7. Reordering products is very easy online. If you want to buy the same products that you bought last time, you can reorder it easily within seconds. Whereas in a traditional store, you need to physically refill your cart.
  8. Shopping online saves you time. The time spent in traveling to and from the store and searching for products is saved.
  9. Online grocery shopping offers the advantage of home delivery. You can order online and get the products delivered to your doorstep. This is one of the reasons why you should buy online.
  10. For those who are aged, sick, or not able to travel to a store due to any reasons, online shopping is highly beneficial. They can shop from the comfort of their homes.
  11. Returning products is easy when you shop online. You can return a damaged or spoilt grocery product online and it will be replaced by someone dropping it to your home. Whereas, in a traditional store you need to go to the store to get it replaced..

These reasons very clearly explain why buying online offers more benefits than buying at traditional stores.

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