3 Great Activities to Try On the Water

by | May 3, 2019 | Travel Featured

Humans have always been drawn to the water. It’s calming, and it’s also a great spot for fun activities with your family on the water. You can experience the world’s most eye-catching ecosystems, or toss in a line and grab yourself some dinner. Here are three essential activities to do next time you’re near the water!

Deep sea fishing

If you love being on the open water, deep sea fishing has a great deal to offer. Before charting that boat for the day, you may want to double check your tackle box for the necessary equipment.

Saltwater fishing rods should be strong enough to withstand the weight of those heavy fish you may be luring in. These fiberglass rods are made to be flexible and durable, which makes them much less likely to break when you’re hauling in a catch. This is a big help if you catch a fish who isn’t ready to be dinner.

You can find affordable and good quality fishing gloves that protect your hands while cutting lines or filleting your catch. A variety of lures and bait can be a good way to broaden your chances of grabbing yourself some dinner. In some areas on the East Coast, dumping fresh chum in the water can attract species like bluefish. These blue and silver colored fish make for a good environmentally friendly catch due to falling within US fishing regulations.


There are about 18 million people all over the world who like grabbing their boards and hitting the waves. Surfing is one of the safest sports out there, but it’s still a thrilling experience. Surfing is a great full body workout, using every muscle for balance, strength, and a lot of stamina. You use your arms to paddle out, your core to keep yourself on your board, and your legs to keep up a good base.

Before you do race down to the beach, you may want to invest in a few advanced surfing lessons to brush up on your form and basics. Getting some sun and vitamin D can be beneficial by deterring osteoporosis and lowering your blood pressure. If you enjoy traveling, surfing can be your excuse to use those miles and fly to tropical places such as Hawaii and Australia. You can also discover some secret surfing spots on your adventures if you want a more secluded experience.


Over half the planet is water, which is great when you love finding new ways to explore the deep blue sea. Snorkeling in places like Australia’s Great Barrier Reef gives you both a beautifully rich ecosystem to explore, and a workout within one of the seven wonders of the natural world. About 1,400 miles of islands and 3,000 individual reefs make up this popular and ancient destination.

When snorkeling this 500,000 year-old reef, you simply have a mask and tube while you swim along the surface. If you are more adventurous, you can hold your breath and swim closer to check out the countless ocean life that live in and around the reef. Unlike scuba diving, lessons or experience aren’t required for snorkeling, and you don’t need equipment like an oxygen tank and wet suit. Although if you desire, you can sport these while snorkeling.

Snorkeling also gives you the opportunity to serenely admire one of nature’s richest ecosystems of coral gardens, tropical fish, sea turtles, and aquatic mammals like dolphins swimming around you.

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