5 Things You Only Found On Celebrity Cruises

by | May 24, 2019 | Travel Featured

Celebrity Cruises represent modern luxury. From the outstanding design of staterooms, venues, imaginative dining, indulgent and luxurious relaxation, and comfort for one and all -this regal balance makes it one of the best luxury experiences. If all this doesn’t sound enough, you ought to know that Celebrity cruise ships have a real grass lawn, offer the best dining experiences, are adorned with beautiful art paintings, and are technology-driven. With such stunning qualities, celebrity cruises hold a promise even for those who might be going on such a cruise vacation for the first time.

As a matter of fact, don’t be surprised if your vacation gets a whole new makeover with celebrity cruises. Termed as the best in the industry, celebrity cruises keep evolving on the design front to provide a supreme cruise experience.

Celebrity cruises are known to offer a unique style of cruising. Here is a list of things that you will only find on celebrity cruises:

  1. A lawn with real grass

The celebrity Solstice-class shipsare the ships that have lawns made of real grass. You can sit on it and even eat on it in certain ships. A fun fact to know here is that the grass is not grown in soil as there is a risk of it washing away and making the ship too heavy at the top. The real grass is grown in a porous, lightweight layer which also includes volcanic pumice.

  1. Luminae

Luminae is a restaurant that you will find on Millennium-class and Solstice-class cruise ships. In this restaurant, the menu changes all the time. Maintaining a limited menu so that the food is always served fresh, Luminae offers high-quality food and a great dining experience. The menu comprises of 4 appetizers, 5 mains, and 3 desserts. At Luminae, you are really going to love the ambiance, the food, and the service.

Also, when you are at the restaurant at lunch or dinner, a sommelier comes to you table and recommends wine pairings. Be it breakfast, lunch or dinner, you will have the greatest dining experiences of all times at Luminae.

  1. Qsine

Qsine is, again, a restaurant you will find on the Millennium-class and Solstice-class ships. Having pioneered the sushi lollipops, the restaurant is high on style. Because Qsine has a fun and exciting vibe to it, it offers the passengers of celebrity cruises an unexpected platter of tastes.  Another thing that is going to amaze you when you entre Qsine is the upside down chairs. The menu offers some great twists on famous Asian dishes such as poached tiger shrimp and Kobe beef sliders.

  1. iLounge

The celebrity cruises, in association with Apple, have an iStore on the celebrity cruise ships. At this iStore, you can enjoy free-of-cost tutorials and can also purchase Apple products. You can also be a part of the lectures on topics related to technology which are conducted on a daily basis. This feature bears similarity to the setup you usually find in an Apple Store.

The area of the ship that is dedicated to Apple is modern as well as welcoming, and you have many tech geeks ready to help you go online.

If you wish to experience all of this, get in touch with a reputed travel marketer to pick and choose the right cruise ship. There are many celebrity cruise deals that you can avail when you start planning a cruise.

Celebrity cruises ensure a ‘luxurious vacation experience that’s unparalleled’ and an opportunity to visit some of the best destination en route, only and only if you have the will to explore.

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