Getting Payments For Translating Jobs

by | May 28, 2019 | Jobs Featured

With the advent of the Internet also comes the explosion of online jobs that can be done at home. One of the many jobs that has found a place in this particular niche is Online Translation. Browsing the Internet, you will find hundreds if not thousands of translating jobs covering almost any major language in the world.

Native language speakers with a good grasp of the English language are some of the most sought after translators. While they might be quite adept when it comes to translating jobs, some are experiencing quite an issue when it comes to receiving their pay.

Our employees are from major cities around the world have no problem when it comes to their translator payment. However, for those who are located in rural and remote areas do not have easy access to banks, let alone payment centers that support online cash conversion.

Here in Universal Translation Services, we make sure that our workers get have a number of options when it comes to translator payments. We make sure that these options are easily accessible and convenient to our workers. By creating a platform that our workers can easily access, getting their translator payments is no longer a major concern.

Is it hard to get your payment from translation agencies?

Universal Translation Services uses bank payments made through the online digital payment platform Payoneer. Payoneer is a well-known and highly trusted platform used by many companies. Their digital payment platform are very secure and their transfer time are faster that other alternative services.

Payoneer is a powerful platform that allows our translators to have their pay get transferred directly into their bank account. Payoneer’s Global Bank Transfer Service also allows us to support a number of currencies from more than 210 countries in the world.

The Benefits of Payoneer

Compared to alternative payment platforms, Payoneer has a great reputation when it comes to processing large payment transactions. All our workers need to do is setup their bank account details and they can have their translator payment at no time at all.

Payoneer is Fast. Efficient.

Unlike many digital payment platforms, Payoneer boasts an impressive transaction time when it comes to processing payments. After registering an account, our translators can get their payments easily transferred to their preferred banks. Transferring money is also easy with just a few clicks.

Another enticing feature of Payoneer is that it does not charge monthly fees. Our translators are rest assured that no money will be taken from their account for monthly fees. Opening an account is also free.

Payoneer Mastercard.

Universal Translation Services is also offering a MasterCard which is issued by Payoneer. Using the Payoneer MasterCard, our employees can easily receive their translator payments at no time at all.

Using a Payoneer MasterCard, our translators can easily withdraw their funds from ATMs around the world that support MasterCard.

The Benefits of Payoneer MasterCard

Using the Payoneer MasterCard allows our employees to access their funds easily. No bank account is required as translator payments are transferred directly into their MasterCard account. Accessing their account can be done online, anytime and anywhere. Each translators have their own private and secure accounts.

Payoneer MasterCard provides quick access to translator payments. Funds can be withdrawn within 2 hours after the money is sent to your account. Additionally, since this is a debit account, you will never be charged for overdrawn fees which is common in credit card accounts. Transaction fees when using Payoneer MasterCard is also relatively cheaper compared to other alternatives.

Payoneer MasterCard is also support by a lot of commercial establishments around the world. This means that you can essentially make cash-less payments when you go shopping or when making various financial transactions.

Payoneer MasterCard also has a 24/7 customer support services. They have e-mail, telephone, and live chat support services should you encounter difficulties with your account any time of the day.

Setting Up Your Payoneer Account

Here in Universal Translation Services, we highly recommend the use of Payoneer in getting your translator payment. While we are working on introducing other payment options into our platform, Payoneer has never let us down. Not once in our history have we made late payments, and we never plan to break that significant record. Our translators are hardworking and we make sure that it is easy for them to receive their hard-earned payments.

Once you start your translating job with us, just apply for your own Payoneer account. At the Payoneer website, you will be asked to select which type of account you want to use: either debit card account or bank transfer account. You are free to choose which one you want as we support both types.

Please be reminded that you will not be able to change your chosen Payoneer account currency, so make sure that you made the correct option. If you pick the debit card account, your currency of choice will be transferred to the card which will be issued to you. If you pick the bank account option, your selected currency will be transferred to your local bank account. This is done in order to make sure that no conversion fees will be deducted from your payment.

Please note that if you select a different currency, your payment will be converted to the amount based on the official exchange rate on the day that you made the transaction.

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