Photo credit: Ezra Dyer

From Popular Mechanics

The John Deere Z740R ZTrak zero-turn mower has a lot going for it: a mowing deck up to 60 inches, a 10 mph top speed and a 23.5-horsepower V-twin engine. That bad boy’s got a four-year, thousand-hour warranty that would be bumper-to-bumper, if it had bumpers.

What it doesn’t have is air in the tires. Nor does it need any, because the Z740R rolls on the sickest of low-pros: Michelin Tweels, which combine a “shear beam” (think: the skinniest of sidewalls) with flexible poly-resin spokes connected to a hub. It’s a tire and wheel in one, hence the name.

Photo credit: Ezra Dyer

Now, when presented with an airless tire, you might think the first thing you’d do is try running over a

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