Pixel 3a XL (Photo: Edward C. Baig)

Google’s launch Tuesday of the $399 Pixel 3a and $479 Pixel 3a XL smartphones only seven months after the release of the pricier  handsets likely has you asking: “Why would I want to spend at least $400 more for Google’s premium flagships, when these latest mid-priced devices offer so many overlapping features?”

The answer, at least for most of you, is you wouldn’t.

Google’s latest products:

What the rather steep climb up to $799 (for the Pixel 3) or $899 (for the 3 XL) buys you is a device with a better build quality and, yes, some nice extra features, though given the price differential features you can probably live without.

Here’s a deeper dive into Pixel 3 models versus Pixel the