Results of the 1st May Express Entry draw: CRS fell down to 450

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A new Express Entry draw happened on 1st May. This draw raised positive hopes for the immigration aspirants because the score fell down to 450 in this draw. Apart from the fall in the score in the draw, a large number of candidates were selected just like the previous draws. 3,350 candidates were picked up in this draw. The Express Entry score had escalated to 457 on February 20th, 2019. After that, it has been decreasing. It had been 454 in the March 6th draw and 452 in the draw on March 20th. Thereafter the Express Entry score has been 451 in the two consecutive draws of April 3rd and 17th.

This draw has made sure that the 31,250 candidates had been selected so far for Express Entry. This number is higher than the number of Express Entry invitations which have been issued so far. Till May 1, there were only 24,500 issued to date. So, the number of invitations issued in 2019 has exceeded by 6,750 for the year 2018.

With the current draw, it has become mandatory that the candidates get 8 in all the categories of the IELTS exam. So, when you get the PR as per the Canadian Express Entry, you can get the free access to the US and Mexico labor market also. When NAFTA was implemented in 1994, It scrapped off all the tariffs on the US-Mexico exports. The same thing happened on US Canada exports which were already free from tariffs. Someone going to Canada on a PR can easily work there as per the NAFTA agreement also. Nontariff based trade barriers were also removed as per this agreement.

How to get the right score in IELTS?

An 8 in all the categories of the IELTS exam isn’t a tough score provided you work hard. Out of the 40 questions in IELTS, you are supposed to answer 35 correctly to get an average of overall 8. The spelling of the answers should be correct too.

In any IELTS preparation program, you are a part of lectures. During these lectures and practice sessions, you are handed over special text material similar to the one in IELTS. It is important to partake in group discussions so that your speaking in English skills become better. Listening skills are also improved when you attend group projects. There is a word limit which is prescribed for each question in IELTS. It is better when you don’t overwrite your answers and they are within the word limit.

As far as attempting the Speaking section of IELTS is concerned, it is better that the candidate uses coherent English to express himself. The candidate should increase his knowledge of the words he will use to express himself. He can also use idioms during his Speaking section to express himself better. He should pick up the Canadian accent before going for the speaking session so that he can impress the interviewer. This way his pronunciation will be like that of a Canadian speaker. You should feel any kind of uncertainty in speaking about a topic. He should be completely confident while speaking.

How important is immigration for Canada?

Immigration is quite essential for the success of Canada. According to a report released by the Conference Board of Canada, the labor market of Canada will soon face a crunch. As per this report titled Can’t Go it alone, by 2030, all the population called baby boomers will be retired. Therefore when 9.2 million of the population retires, Canada will have to suffer from a labor market shortage. This report indicates how immigration is the key tool to add more numbers to a decreasing workforce. As per Pedro Antunes, who is the chief economist at this economic agency, with immigration, there can be the right amount of workforce which is needed for the economic activity in this country. Apart from the right amount of labor, there are also tax revenues needed to bear the increasing social security costs. As per an estimate, between 2018 and 2040, 13.4 million people will leave the labor force, but the number of people entering the labor force is low at 11.8 million people.

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There is also the fast aging population of Canada and the birth rate is also low. Therefore, Canada needs more population to make sure that the country has no shortage of skilled workers.

More participation of Canadian labor in the labor force

If labor is encouraged to participate in the labor force, there would be an enhancement of the labor force with 2.2 million workers by the year 2040. This is indeed enough to bridge the gap between people entering the labor force and people leaving it due to old age. The country will get more women, local people and disabled people to work in the labor force. So, with more Canadian people entering the labor force, an extra 101 billion dollars would be contributed to the economy. However, using immigration as a source for adding labor remains more beneficial. Immigration alone could add 3.7 million workers to the labor force and lead to a higher growth rate between the years 2018 and 2040. In fact, due to immigration, the economic growth rate of Canada could be increased by 1/3rd between these years. In the opinion of Ahmed Hussein “Immigration really does matter to Canada and the report Can’t Go It Alone highlights that our economy depends on immigration and that we continue to make a concerted effort to attract the best talent from around the world to fill labor shortages today and for the future”.

Fast processing of Express Entry applications

The government of Canada is also working hard to have a better future for immigrants coming here. In a new study, it has been found out, that Canada has been encouraging immigration more than ever before. So, immigration applications are processed at a very fast rate. In 2017, immigration applications were processed in 4 months. However, this kind of speedy application processing time is only possible for applications filed through the Canadian Experience Class and Federal Skilled Worker programs.

In 2017, a huge number of 1,00,000 applications were approved for Express Entry. In 2017, at the top three positions were 3 profiles from the IT field, including Information system analysts and consultants, Software Engineers and Computer Programmers. Out of these 3, the highest numbers of applications were scored by Information System Analysts and Consultants.

Investment in a climate change project

The Canadian government is making the environment better for those who are already settled there and wish to settle there.

Matt DeCourcey, who is the Parliamentary Secretary to the IRCC Minister Ahmed Hussein has declared an investment of 0.3 million to the University of New Brunswick to conduct a project on climate change.

This program will focus on the importance of adapting to changes brought in by the change in the climate. Due to changes in climate such as wind and drought in the forests of Atlantic Canada many problems are caused. Hence the real question arises, how to adapt to these changes. Since analysis is getting conducted about the impact of changes it will help indigenous people living in these forests to better adapt to these changes. So, these changes will include migration of species so that forests continue to be used for the benefit of the local community.

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