Take a Thrill Ride on a 2017 Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat on the M1 Concourse Racetrack. Detroit Free Press

No one will reveal how many red keys are out in the world. 

It’s sort of a secret.

But thousandsof people have taken home red keys to their Dodge muscle cars that unleash more than 700 horsepower — power that Wired magazine called “an exercise in bat**** crazy engineering.”

Val Saph, 34, of Armada, Michigan, uses only the red key. His wife, Victoria, too.

Loyd Overstreet, 58, of Shreveport, Louisiana, won’t let his wife, Stacy, use a red key.

“My wife is only allowed the black key,” he said. “She can’t handle all that horsepower.”

For the cautious driver, the frightened driver or

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