10 tip-top travel hacks for Australian flyers

by | Jun 25, 2019 | Travel Featured

Are you tired of getting tripped up by tricky travel issues, time and time again?

Then before you jet off from Down Under, you need to check out these 10 tip-top hacks that will ensure your adventure’s as smooth and serene as possible.

  1. Shower cap your shoes

If you’re packing shoes but worried about them dirtying your clothes, stick them inside shower caps. The elastic band fits firmly around shoes, stopping any dirt from slipping out.

  1. Collars & belts

You can keep your shirt collars perfectly rigid and in shape by rolling up a belt and placing it inside the collar space.

  1. Copy your docs

Make sure you keep electronic copies of important documents such as your passport and boarding pass, in case the worst happens – you lose them.

  1. Fight jet lag with fitness

Jet lag is one of the most annoying parts of travelling, but according to health site Medical News Today, you can fight off the effects by doing some exercise. So instead of hitting the hay when you arrive, head outside and do some laps.

  1. Wear compression socks

Stock up on some compression socks for your flights. They might not be the most stylish of items, but they improve your circulation and prevent the nasty side effects of prolonged sitting.

  1. Mark it fragile, be agile

By marking it as fragile, your bag will be placed at the top of the pile on the plane and be first to arrive at the airport collection point – then you can dart straight off on your adventure. So if you want to be agile, mark your bags as fragile.

  1. Pen spring your cables

You can protect your cables from getting damaged by wrapping a spring from a pen around them. So next time your pen runs out, make sure you keep hold of the spring. This guide on how to site Snapguide shows you how to do it.

  1. Book the aisle and window seat

If you’re travelling as a pair and can’t agree on who will take the dreaded middle seat, book the aisle and window seats, in the hope that no one will want the middle seat. If someone does book the middle, just ask to swap with them – no one wants to be piggy in the middle.

  1. To Wiffinity and beyond

Worrying about staying connected to the internet can put a major downer on your holiday, which is why you need the Wiffinity app. This wicked app shows you your nearest Wi-Fi hotspots anywhere in the world.

  1. Pre-book your parking

Airport parking can be pricey but you can save yourself a load of dollars by pre-booking it on parking comparison site Looking4.com, which has deals for hubs across Australia.

With these hacks to hand, you’ll be a travelling pro on your next trip out of Australia.

What are your favourite travel hacks? Share them in the comments section.

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