GM Law Firm Specializes in Consumer Advocacy Law

by | Jun 20, 2019 | Politics Featured

GM Law Firm specializes in consumer advocacy law and debt resolution. The GM legal team is aware of how life circumstances can land people in difficult financial situations that seem hopeless. From unexpected job lay-offs to downturns in the economy, student and medical debt, Americans are facing higher debt levels and a record number of loans going into default. Consumer advocates like Chantel Grant and the GM team work to help individuals find a way out of their debt and protect them against the actions of aggressive debt collectors.

What is Consumer Advocacy Law?

Consumer advocacy law refers to the practice of protecting the rights of the buying public. Consumer advocates such as Chantel Grant and the GM team are the watchdogs of large businesses, corporations and organizations that have deep pockets and lots of power. Public exposure and lawsuits are two of the main ways that businesses are held accountable for their actions.

People with debt have consumer rights, and once creditors start harassing borrowers, those rights are being infringed upon. The role of consumer advocates is to ensure that consumers are protected, and that includes guarding against the harassing effects of constant calls and correspondence from debt collectors and lenders.

About GM Law Firm

GM Law Firm located in the Delray Beach, Florida area specializes in consumer advocacy law and debt resolution. Chantel Grant leads her legal team in their endeavors to guide consumers facing creditor harassment or lawsuits by providing them with the best possible debt defenses. With decades of experience with litigation and a vast knowledge of debtor law, the GM team has helped thousands of Americans get out from under their debt and get away from aggressive collectors compromising their quality of life.

Chantel Grant and her team work to empower their clients by informing them of the federal consumer protection statutes that have been enacted to protect them, as well as other resources available to them. GM Law Firm works closely with clients and ensures that each and every client is treated with the utmost professionalism and efficiency. Every client is their most important client.

GM Law Firm Charity

The GM Law Firm helps people struggling with a number of different types of debt. From credit card debt to student, medical, payday loans, and eviction-related debt, Grant and the rest of the GM team are 100-percent dedicated to the protection of their clients and the resolution of their debt issues.

When it comes time to put in a call to GM Law Firm, most people are unsure of how or if they will be helped. Regardless of the type of consumer debt they have accumulated, everyone has the right to be protected against aggressive creditors, and everyone has the right to get control of their finances so they can have hope for a brighter future. Thanks to the actions of consumer advocates like Chantel Grant and her legal team, consumers can benefit from protection against harassing debt collectors and resources that they may have otherwise been unaware of. Chantel Grant chose to go into consumer advocacy law for the purpose of helping people with one of the most stressful and important aspects of life: debt and finances. You can rest assured when you put your debt, and therefore your stress, in GM Law Firm’s hands.

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