How to choose the right watch based on your wrist

by | Jun 20, 2019 | Education Feature

It’s okay that many people today only see time on cellphones, but watches are a fundamental part of the masculine look, because for many men it’s probably the only accessory used, for some reason like, disliking many accessories, don’t know how to use or whatever. Never mind. Today I will talk about how to coordinate a men’s watch to create a coherent look that conveys the image you want. Well, maybe one morning you are ready to go, you wear an ordinary watch and you find a doubt that you have never had.

When choosing a watch, it is important to note that the same size is not suitable for everyone. When buying a watch, you must know how to choose the right model for your wrist. Even though there are no rules or calculations that are determined for the size or shape of your wrist that is perfect, there are tips that you can follow to make sure you get a balanced and proportionate part.

To begin with, the watch must feel comfortable on your wrist and tight enough not to slide but loose enough not to get into your skin. Then other factors must be considered as well as box size, bracelet width and design. This may seem a little complicated, but finding the right watch for the size of your wrist is easier than you think and we will show you how to do it. No matter watches you’re going to buy, Tudor watches, Rolex watches or Breitling watches, you have to put your attention on this.

How big is my wrist?

Before you find the right watch for your wrist, you must first know the size. Being too thin, medium or thick will affect the watch that looks better for you. Deciding which of these categories suits you is the most important part of choosing the perfect watch that will look great and make you feel comfortable. Knowing the size of your wrist will also be very useful if you want to shop online because you can buy the right style without having to try it. This can also help you limit your design choices. For example, if your wrist is thin, you can choose a sophisticated watch. Since your wrists are thick, sports watches may be a more accurate choice.

How to measure your wrist?

Take sticky tape or a piece of paper. Wrap it around the arm where your watch strap is usually right, which should be just below the wrist bone. If you use a paper strip, take the pen and mark the end point.

Open the paper and place it next to the ruler, notice the measurement.
– Between 14-16 cm – very smooth wrists
– Between 16-17 cm – smooth wrist
– Between 17 cm-18 cm – means pulses
– Above 18 cm – Thick wrists

Things to consider when looking for the right watch:

When you buy a perfect watch for your wrist, you have to think about key elements. Box diameter, box thickness, bracelet width, bracelet material and watch details are all important features that you should use to find the right watch.

Watch diameter

Because this is the most noticeable part of the watch, the watch diameter must be one of the most important things to consider. In general, the diameter of men’s watches ranges from 38 mm to 46 mm. Anything outside this range tends to look too small or too large. To find the perfect size in range, use pulse measurements. If your wrist is between 14cm – 18cm = choose a small or medium clock with a diameter of 38mm, 40mm or 42mm. If your wrist is 18 cm or larger = choose a larger size, such as 44 to 46 mm.

Watchcase Thickness

Another important point is the thickness of the watch box. As a general rule, the depth of the carton must be proportional to the diameter of the carton. Therefore, the thickness must increase according to the size of the diameter. By obeying this rule, you can choose a watch that has the best thickness for your wrist, provided the diameter is right for you. Usually, watches measuring 38 to 42 mm in diameter will have a thickness of 7 mm. Those with 44 mm or more will be around 9 mm or more.

Watch strap

When talking about bracelets, the most proportional watch has a width of half the diameter of the box. Therefore, if your watch has a 40 mm box, it must be 20 mm wide. Of course, this is only a guide and will always satisfy personal tastes. Size considerations are one of the basic considerations in choosing each watch and the neglect of this only leads to disappointment after buying. Hopefully this article will benefit you.


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