An investigation into how a whistleblower’s hyponatraemia concerns were handled by officials has found the wrong conclusions were reached.

The concerns were on the adequacy of searches in 2004 on Western Health Board premises for documents relating to the hyponatraemia inquiry.

The inquiry chairman, who ordered the investigation, said there was a failure at leadership level.

Hyponatraemia is a disorder that occurs during a sodium shortage in the blood.

Who were the children? Timeline of hyponatraemia inquiry

The 14-year hyponatraemia inquiry, chaired by Mr John O’Hara QC, examined the treatment of five children who died in Northern Ireland hospitals between 1995 and 2003.

It concluded that four of the deaths were avoidable.

The whistleblower, who works for the Western Health Trust, raised their concerns in 2018 over the searches of

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