is bringing its freedom train to the PC and consoles in 2020. It is a re-imagining of Oddworld: Abe’s Exoddus, which debuted in 1998, picking up Abe’s anti-consumerist, anti-industrial tale with modern gameplay.

Benny Terry, executive producer at Oddworld Inhabitants, has worked with cofounder Lorne Lanning for a long time, and I interviewed Terry about the game at a recent preview event.

In advance of the demo for the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3), I got to play a level where Abe liberates workers inside a nightmarish industrial facility. The level features what Oddworld calls “2.9D perspective,” where the action takes place on 2D, but you can see some parts of the landscape in 3D.

The game is an attempt to remake Exxodus in the

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