Iconic education guy Paul Banksley was in town the other day to collect an award from the Kennedy Center. The edu-visionary, founder of Tomorrows Are for Tomorrow, and one-time vacuum salesman—best known to his fans as THE @realpbanksley—was kind enough to make a little time for yours truly. His staff ushered me backstage, where lots of important folks were milling about. We got to it.

I asked what award he was actually getting, since he receives so many.

“Let’s see,” he glanced at an event program. “I guess it’s the ‘Champion of Personalized, Data-Rich Equity’ medal,” he read. “It can be hard to keep up,” he sighed. “As you know, I’ve renamed Tomorrows Are for Tomorrow. It’s now Tomorrows Are for a #Personalized #Equitable #DataRich Tomorrow.” Before I

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