Ways Boric Acid Could Save Your Life and Money

by | Jun 3, 2019 | Health Featured

We’re always looking for ways of shaving off our expenses, we want to live within our budgets, and we want to be ready for all kinds of emergencies. But, we’re never really ready, and we often end up spending more than planned. Now, imagine spending less money every month through repurposing some things in your home or things you can buy cheaply? What if you could spend less money than you’d budgeted for the month?

Well, let us introduce you to something new, a money saver. A lifesaver. Boric acid. You probably only know boric acid as a pest control chemical, but did you know that you can use it for more than the pesky roaches, bugs, or fleas? Understandably, you wouldn’t think of using a dangerous chemical that kills pests for anything other than that. But it turns out that your MJ Seeds and seedlings are not the only things saved by boric acid.

Here are some of the ways you didn’t know boric acid could help you:

  1. Home remedy for yeast infections and bacterial vaginosis

Using boric acid down there sounds downright frightening, but the truth is that used carefully, boric acid is more than an insecticide. It’s a natural antiseptic, and it’s not only effective but the safest remedy for vaginal infections. And it all comes down to how you use it. Which is why we recommend using it as a vaginal suppository.

Don’t use it on an open wound; you don’t want it getting to your bloodstream. Also note that while few women report skin irritation when using this suppository, it comes highly recommended by gynecologists and physicians, as well as the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) which lists boric acid as one of the most effective strategies for the management of persistent and recurrent vaginal infections. Different bodies of research note that boric acid is 88% effective when it comes to the treatment of bacterial vaginosis; it beats antibiotics. Antibiotics destabilize vaginal pH increasing your risk of yeast infections, but boric acid stabilizes pH eliminating the risk of a yeast infection.

Besides not applying it to a wound, keep it away from children/ pets, and never swallow it.

  1. Eyewash

Thanks to the antiseptic properties of boric acid, it’s been used for centuries to clean eyes. This practice dates back to the Roans and the Greek. It also helps with dry eyes and itchy eyes. Mix boric acid, warm water, and Epsom salts, then wash your eyes.

  1. Ear drops

Again, thanks to its antiseptic properties, boric acid works great in treating ear infections. All you need is boric acid, vinegar, and distilled water. This mixture makes the perfect ear drops, and it will get rid of the infection immediately.

  1. Skin treatment

If you’ve been struggling with sweating and smelly feet, use boric acid. Topical use of boric acid on your feet will reduce sweating and the smelliness of your feet. It’s also highly recommended or athlete’s foot and other skin-related fungal infections.

You could also use it at home to eliminate houseflies, mold, and mildew.

And there you have it – some of the best uses of boric at home.

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