(Bloomberg Opinion) — There are those who complain that the U.S. has lost a lot of its regional distinctiveness. “It wasn’t just the coffee shops — bars, restaurants, even the architecture of all the new housing going up in these cities looked and felt eerily familiar,” journalist Oriana Schwindt wrote last year after voyaging through every state. “Oh, and breweries. Thousands of breweries, springing up in recent years like mushrooms after a rain.”These observations generally accord with what I saw during a cross-country trip of my own last year.(1) In the case of breweries, they’re also backed up by some pretty amazing statistics. There were 7,450 breweries in the U.S. in 2018, according to the craft-beer trade group the Brewers Association, up from 1,574 in 2008 and 89 in 1978. The

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