Why VideoProc should be your one and only Video editing software

by | Jun 3, 2019 | Technology Featured

It’s rare to find something that just clicks in this world. Especially when it comes to software, there are just so many options available out there that even if you’re ever dissatisfied by what you have you can also move onto the next one and find it to work better, but soon enough something even better comes along and then you’re forced to switch out again.

Now we’re not against change at all, but consistency is what we often look for in a product and VideoProc is something that managed to tickle that bone of ours.

What is VideoProc?

The answer to all your video editing and processing needs. That’s what VideoProc is. And here’s why.

Ever tried to get a shot for a video or a film that you’re putting together and ended up shaking your mobile phone and mess up the shot? Or perhaps you were trying to pull in a brilliant high speed shot on your GoPro of you skateboarding but the footage came out all shaky in all the wrong times.

Well normally you’d be getting yourself ready to go reshoot these shots, but if you have VideoProc on your side, you can fix the shaky section and use it all!

But that’s not all that VideoPro can do, it can also help you edit and do things to your footage that only some of the best video editors in the industry are capable of. And today, we’re going to let you know of a way you can get this video stabilization software for free.

Read on to find out more, as we take a look at all the features of VideoProc that make it such an essential tool to have by your side.

Features of VideoProc

Make use of Level 3 Hardware Acceleration for superfast results

When you normally start rendering out a video on any other video editor it uses your CPU to render of process out your video and end up, giving you quite slow results. And according to a recent survey around 38% of the video editors/processors available today don’t even offer the option of being able to use GPU accelerated processing. But VideoProc goes a step above and beyond this and allows users to run full hardware accelerated rendering which normally turn out with results that are 40 times faster than normal CPU rendering.

Editing tools that are on par with the best in the market

Aside from being able to stabilize shaky videos, VideoProc also offer quick and easy solutions for users to correct fisheye, remove any sort of background noise and play around with playback speeds and audio video sync. Aside from all these easy to implement solutions you also get to use all the common editing tools like cut, merge, crop and filters/effects, rotate and also add subtitles in the form of SRT files. Additionally you can also create M3U8 files (playlists, in layman’s terms)

A media converter, a video downloader and a screen recorder all in one

If you thought that the list of features for this product was done, oh how wrong you were. VideoProc can also convert all your media files into whichever audio/video format you desire, download video files from over a 1000 different websites and also record anything and everything that’s on your screen be it gameplay, tutorials or anything else.

We mentioned earlier that we’re going to tell you a way to get this $80 product for free. And we’re now going to deliver on that promise. If you visit the website: https://www.videoproc.com/gopro-video-processing/gopro-4k-shake-video-stabilization.htm

And just hit the download button, you’ll receive a free licenced copy of VideoProc. And it doesn’t end there from the same webpage you can also register for a sweepstakes that entitles you a chance at winning a GoPro Hero 7 Black/Silver and a DJI OSMO Action and also a fully licenced copy of VideoProc. Register before 4th June,2019 to enter the sweepstakes!

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