6 Reasons Why One Should Learn C#

by | Jul 12, 2019 | Education Feature

C# is a Microsoft developed multi-paradigm programming language. It runs on an expansive and robust .Net framework. This language combines the best of C and C programming language to make one hybrid and more effective form. It is a language that includes functional, declarative, imperative, lexically scoped, strong typing, class-based, component-oriented and generic programming. It is used to build secure and robust applications like web applications, Windows applications, distributed applications, web services applications, database applications and more.

Six incentives to  master  C#

  1. Easy to learn

C# has many features that make it an easy to learn language. Although, it is a high-level language, it is still comparatively easy to read, because most of the complex tasks are absent, allowing the programmer to relax. It is a statically typed language, so the codes are checked before forming an application. This allows you to find errors easily. Although C#’s syntax is more consistent and logical than C , still there is a lot to learn.

  1. Used to develop Games

C# is also used to develop games using the Unity game engine. More than a third of the top most games are made with Unity, and it is also used for Virtual Reality. C# is a very popular tool for creating these applications, and hence becomes an important language to get expertise in.

  1. Scalability

It is a statically-typed language, it checks your code for errors before it builds into an app. It becomes easier to track errors and hence is stricter in terms of the coding you’re using. The codebase is more consistent and thus easier to maintain as and when it grows in size and complexity. Also, C# is faster than other typed languages because things are more clearly defined. Therefore, when your app is running, your resources will not be wasted on checking the definition of something in your code.

  1. In demand

Since the language is powerful, flexible, and well-supported it is one of the most popular programming languages in the market. Today, around 31% of all developers are proudly using it for applications and websites, making it the 4th most used language in the industry.

Since it is also being used by many top companies like EA sports, Starbucks, Blizzard, Lego, Stack overflow and more, it creates more job opportunities with lucrative salaries. Also, it has similarities with Java, which makes C-sharp certification a must for the developers all around the world.

  1. Advantages over Java

Like mentioned before, it has similarities with Java but a comprehensive C# course training will give you certain advantages like efficiency and faster speed. It has conditional compilation and simplified multithreading and allows operator overloading as well. Development can be trickier, but they are optional and sometimes very useful.  Some of the advantages it offers over Java are:

  • C# language contains any number of classes, while Java language contains only one class.
  • The classes in C# language are grouped in Namespaces, whereas in Java they are grouped in Packages.
  • In C#, the variables of primitive data types are more powerful, while in Java they are less powerful.
  • C# contains features like Properties and Indexers, while they are absent in Java.
  • In C# programming, we can easily call Windows API function and access COM components, while it is difficult in Java programming.
  • C# language supports Operator Overloading, Structures and Preprocessors directives, while Java has none.
  • In C# programming, namespaces are not related to the directories, on the other hand in Java they are directly related.
  • C# code on compilation generates an “.exe” or “.dll” file which are called Portable Executable file. Whereas the Java code on generates a ‘.class’ file, which contains byte code.
  • In C#, the methods are not virtual by default whereas in Java programming, the methods are virtual by default, which cut down the performance.
  1. Flexibility

You can build a wide array of apps by using .NET, Visual Studio and C# including the likes of REST APIs, games, native Android apps, native iOS apps, native Windows applications, mobile apps, websites, to name a few. Although these can be developed using other languages, it usually requires some sort of third party tools but with C#, you will get access to a Microsoft-supported toolset for app development.

Features of C# language are very useful for serious programmers who wish to pursue a consistent career in this dynamic tech industry. The C-sharp course training could be just the edge you need over your competition. So get yourself enrolled right away.

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