Attorneys Chime In: Should Bicycle Helmets Be Made Mandatory for Everyone?

by | Jul 12, 2019 | Health Featured

Bicycling is a beneficial way to get exercise and is sometimes a viable option for transportation in metropolitan areas. Unfortunately, there are risks associated with bikes because there is no real protection between the rider and the road. When a bicyclist is in an accident, serious injuries and damages can occur. While there are some states that require the use of bicycle helmets, many states have no laws in place at all. With the rise in bicycle injuries, many attorneys are chiming in and recommending helmets become mandatory.

How Do Bicycle Helmets Offer Protection?

The US Consumer Product Safety Commission has stated around 900 people per year are killed in bicycle accidents across the country. Around 60% of the deaths that occur are due to head injuries. The Law Offices of Emroch & Kilduff believe wearing a helmet is the surest form of protection against serious head injuries and death.

Bicycle helmets surround the head in protection. In an impact accident, the skull is protected from fractures that could lead to open head wounds. The helmet also protects the head by absorbing the impact energy, so less of it is transferred to the head. When the head absorbs such massive amounts of energy, the brain can bounce against the walls of the skull.

Should Bicycle Helmets Be Made Mandatory?

Bicycle helmets should be made mandatory in all fifty states. The Norwegian Council for Road Safety announced wearing a bicycle helmet could reduce serious head trauma by as much as 60% which is astounding. It is especially important for children to wear a helmet because they stand a greater risk of death due to head injuries.

Bicycle safety laws are changing all over the country. There are twenty-nine states that do not have any sort of bicycle helmet law. Many safety proponents argue the need for mandatory bicycle helmet laws in all fifty states. They believe putting these laws into motion will help to curb serious bicycle accidents. Even in the absence of bicycle safety laws, riders always have the option of being proactive and wearing helmets to protect themselves at all times.

How to Wear a Bicycle Helmet Correctly

Not only is it crucial riders wear a bicycle helmet, but they also need to make sure they wear it correctly. A perfect fit is essential for full protection. The following means the helmet fits precisely.

  • The bicycle helmet should fit squarely on the head.
  • The straps should meet in front of the ears and just below the chin.
  • When in doubt, it is best to have the person fitted for their bike helmet at a professional bike shop.

When wearing a bicycle helmet, there should be no slack in the straps. The helmet should not be too loose and should be worn comfortably. If the helmet becomes damaged, it needs to be replaced right away.


Yes, many attorneys believe it should always be mandatory for bicycle riders to wear safety helmets. Unfortunately, the state response has been slow, but advocates are working to make changes to the laws.

Wearing a helmet is certainly advantageous to riders and can prevent serious head injuries that could result in death. Bike helmets should always be worn by young riders because head injuries can be devastating for young children. With a helmet in place, riders will be better protected, should a serious accident occur.

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