The record books were rewritten on Thursday in Europe, as major cities saw temperatures soar past previous levels.

Among them was Paris, which recorded its hottest day ever with 42.6 degrees Celsius – the French capital’s previous record of 40.4C was set in July 1947.

In Germany, the northwestern town of Lingen recorded the country’s highest temperature ever, at 42.6C, according to the German Weather Service.

Belgium saw temperatures rise above 40C, with a new record of 40.6C, the hottest day since the country started keeping records in 1833.

“A new national record: 40.6 C in Kleine Brogel! Is this for real!” said David Dehenauw, head of forecasting at the country’s Royal Meteorological Institute.

In the Netherlands, Gilze-Rijen airbase recorded 40.4C, a new record high, according to the Royal Netherlands Meteorological

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