Is It Safe to Have More than One Cosmetic Procedure at Once?

by | Jul 8, 2019 | Health Featured

Along with enhancing your appearance, cosmetic surgery can also have a positive effect on your self-esteem. Many people who are considering plastic surgery are interested in more than one procedure and would prefer to undergo everything at once, but is this safe?

There isn’t really one answer to this question because while some surgeries can be performed together with minimal risk, others increase the chances of side effects.

Advantages of a Combination Procedure

According to Dr Reddy plastic surgery clinic, there are a number of reasons why a combination procedure is a good idea. To begin with, instead of having to plan for several different recoveries, you will only need to plan for one because everything will be done at the same time.

In many cases, a combination procedure will also help you to save on costs because you won’t need to pay for recurring hospital stays and a new anesthetist every time.

Disadvantages of a Combination Procedure

Even though one recovery period may sound appealing, many types of cosmetic procedures put extra strain on the body. This means that you need to be in a healthy condition if you want to consider a combination procedure. If you don’t feel that you are up to recovering from different procedures, you may want to schedule them at different times.

It should also be noted that while you might be keen on the idea of a combination procedure, this doesn’t necessarily mean that your surgeon will be willing to do it. Many surgeons prefer to undertake one procedure at a time so that they can monitor the patient’s progress after each surgery.

If you like the idea of being able to show off your results to family and friends over several occasions, a combination procedure might not be the best option for you. By choosing a combination procedure, you will only get one major reveal.

Lastly, not all surgeons have the necessary skills and experience to perform a combination procedure, which means you may need to continue your search for the ideal professional for the job.

Combining Cosmetic Procedures

To increase the success of your combination procedure and ensure a smoother recovery, choose complementary procedures such as a tummy tuck and liposuction, breast augmentation and a breast lift and a face and neck lift.

A reputable surgeon will be able to assist you with a surgical plan that includes procedures that match your specific aesthetic goals. The combination of procedures that you had in mind might not be right for what you want to achieve, which is why it’s best to discuss your ideas with a professional.

When you’re pursuing a combination procedure, it’s especially important to take your time to find the right surgeon to assist you. When you are putting your body under additional stress, it helps if your surgeon knows which techniques to use to minimise your risk of side effects and complications.

Remember, a cosmetic surgeon and plastic surgeon is not always one and the same.

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