BEIJING, July 2, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — The Global Aesthetic Education Summit (GAE Summit) was recently organized by SMART Art Education Group, and co-organized with School of Art at Renmin University of China, Academy of Art and Design at Tsinghua University, Social Aesthetic Education Research Center at Tsinghua University, Art Education Industry Fair Committee, National League of School Art Education and Chinese Culture Promotion Society Committee. The 2019 GAE Summit, themed “To the Future”, focused on global art education, Chinese art education, art education’s influence on society and culture, and art education evaluation standards. Organizers invited more than 20 art educators and experts to share their understandings, and started SMART White Book Project.

National Art Education Association President Thomas Knab, Former President Dr. Kim Huyler-Defibaugh, President-Elected James Haywood Rolling Jr., and

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